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Our system allows us to replicate OEM seals and parts as well as used or obsolete parts and prototypes.

This method of manufacturing is unique. We are capable of producing precision seals and custom parts from 5mm to 60" in a variety of materials using specially designed software.

All parts are CNC-lathe or mill cut thereby the eliminating the high quantity and price demands of molding. This also allows us to offer prototypes and samples quickly and inexpensively.

Due to the versatility of our materials and programming, our parts can be use in a wide variety of applications -- pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, packing and filling, power transmission, automotive, processing and so on. We provide Traceability Certificates for our materials when required.

We also offer water -cut gaskets, a method similar to laser cutting using a high-pressure stream of water to produce gaskets and flat shapes through CAD-aided programming-no die charges and no programming.

We offer not only custom seals but also molded oil seals and top quality o-rings in numerous sizes, excellent quality and reliable deliveries.


Original Equipment Manufacturers

We welcome OEM’s. We are capable of producing thousands of parts inexpensively and on a timely basis. Since all parts are machined, we don’t have the high priced set-up or mold charges you have become used to. Our lead times,normally 10 days to 2 weeks,are very customer-friendly and we welcome blanket orders. This reduces inventory on your part. Again , since our parts are machined, and not molded, we are open to prototypes and samples. Send us a print, drawing or your sample and SSP will duplicate it. Read More

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Fda Cfr 21-177.2600 Color: Red Clear Upon Request -13 Deg F To 240 Degree F Hardness 95 & 1-2 Shore A Resistant To: Oil, Petrol, Hot Water, Hot Air, Synthethic And Natives Esters

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