An Introduction to Industrial Seals Used in Power Generation Equipment

Seals refer to any adhesive device or material, which joins any two systems together and prevent leakage of fluid under the influence of pressure. These seals are developed using a different process, and are built in adherence with the industrial standards to provide effective performance in various power generation equipment, such as actuators, linear motion devices, gear boxes, etc.… Read more..

6 Reasons that Explain Why Silicone Seals are used in Food Service Equipment

Nowadays, the use of silicone has increased owing to its properties that are conducive for different industries. The food and beverage industry is not an exception to this. Silicone seals are increasingly finding their applications in food service equipment.

6 Benefits of Silicone in F&B Applications

What are the properties of silicone that make it the right choice as a sealant material in food and beverages industry?… Read more..

4 Sealing Materials that are Ideal for High Temperature Applications

Industrial seals are designed to prevent leakage, while helping to combine systems or mechanisms together. While seals created for ambient and low temperatures are not extremely difficult, creating seals for high temperature applications is a challenge. This is because standard sealing materials cannot perform well in such conditions for long periods of time.… Read more..

An Overview of Dynamic Sealing

 Dynamic Sealing

Dynamic seals are the type of seals used to produce a barrier between stationary or moving surfaces in linear, oscillating, and rotary motion applications.

These seals are used to separate or retain fluids, pressure, and remove contaminants. This post introduces a reader to various types of dynamic seals used in applications, and criteria for selection.… Read more..

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