About SSP Manufacturing Inc.

About Us

About Us

SSP Manufacturing Inc. is an owner-operated business established in 1994. Our goal now, as it was then, is to provide our customers with quality parts - produced in a timely manner - at competitive prices. We achieve this by combining hands-on experience in over 40 industries with our knowledge of bearings, values, mechanics, water technologies, pharmaceutical processing, and replacement auto parts for new and used components.

We feel we have achieved that goal as evidenced in our diverse and loyal customer base. Our staff has over years experiences in solving any sealing needs that occur in most any industry. We are able to pin point most sealing solution with a drawing, dimensions and/or a previous used part or verbal description of the application needing a seal or part.

Our custom-designed software allows us to program a variety of seals, parts and gaskets in both standard and metric sizes to meet just about any specific requirement. Since all parts are lathe-cut or water-cut, with no expensive mold or die charges, long lead times or huge minimums.

Our average lead time is less than 2 weeks or sooner depending on material availability and quantity.

Yet we also provided molded parts, any size standard or custom available right here in USA.

We produce quality seals, parts and gaskets in a wide variety of materials and profiles for the following industries: Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Power Transmission, Automobile, Cosmetic, Mining and other specialty industries.

Whether it be re-engineering hard to find (and costly) OEM parts, or developing the right seal or part for your particular application, we are confident we can satisfy your needs.

In addition to our quick deliveries, our staff can help guide you through decision making regarding materials and seal selection required for your new project. With years of experience in this field and knowledge of numerous materials, we produce satisfying results.

Our Speciality



SSP produces top quality seals, gaskets and parts from 5mm to 50 inches. We guarantee the size, material and the finished quality is exactly to your specifications.



Since all parts are CNC lathe-cut or milled, no large minimums or long lead times are required; we'll cut 5 pieces or 5000 pieces. This allows your company to carry less inventory and still be assured of getting your parts quickly.



Using a revolutionary computer-controlled process, we are able to produce or copy virtually any seal or part for your specific needs.



We have a variety of shapes, sizes and materials to choose from. We can provide the right materials with all the approved Certifications from Mil-spec to FDA.