Standard & Custom Oil Seals for Industrial Applications

SSP Manufacturing Inc. is the foremost oil seal manufacturer. We provide high pressure as well as industrial oil seals. Rubber oil seals are most commonly used in several industries.

How Do Oil Seals Work?

  • The automotive radial lip seal works by creating a thin layer of oil between the sealing lip and shaft journal.
  • Capillary action causes the oil to seep between the lip and the shaft, which results in the oil lifting the sealing lip clear of the shaft.
  • This thin layer is retained, and prevents leakage of the oil past the sealing lip.
  • It is important to ensure that the seal is fitted square in the housing and perpendicular to the shaft. It is also important to ensure that the end float and radial shaft run out is not excessive.

Oil Seal Lubrication

The sealing lip of the oil seal should never be in contact with the shaft. If this were the case, the seal would wear out in a matter of hours. Therefore precaution must be taken that the seal is correctly lubricated prior to fitting. If the seal is not lubricated properly, the seal lip could burn, leading to seal failure.

In our experience, as an initial startup lubricant, a general purpose grease (non-molybdenum based) should be used on all industrial oil seals. This is recommended as it will lubricate and readily disperse in engine oil. The only material that is an exception to this rule is PTFE.

Oil Seal Material at SSP Manufacturing Inc.

Material selection for oil lip seals used in automotive engine applications is based on size, operating temperature, environment, pressure, and maximum shaft surface speed. Most dynamic oil seal materials used for automotive engine applications fall into five categories.

How Do Oil Seals Work?

SSP Manufacturing Inc. offers oil seals in the following profiles:

Type Single Lip Oil Seal‎

Type A Single Lip
Rubber Coated w/ Spring

Type ADL Double Lip Oil Seal

Type ADL Double Lip
Rubber Coated w/ Spring

Type AO Single Lip Oil Seal

Type AO Single Lip
Rubber Coated - No Spring

Type AODL Double Lip Oil Seal

Type AODL Double Lip

Type B Single Lip Oil Seal

Type B Single
Lip-Metal Case w/ Spring

Type BDL Double Lip Oil Seals

Type BDL Double Lip

Type BO Single Lip oil seals

Type BO Single Lip - Metal Case

Type BODL Double Lip oil seals

Type BODL Double Lip
Metal Case

Type C Single Lip oil seals

Type C Single Lip
Full Metal Case w/ Spring

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