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Sealing Solutions for Supporting Forestry Equipment

Machines such as service trucks, crushers, plow trucks, and articulating cranes, are mainly used in sectors like demolition, mining, and trucking. However, this equipment can also provide benefits to the forestry sector.

Forestry equipment is engineered to provide consistent performance, while withstanding wear and abrasions. However, contaminants such as dust, water, snow can hinder the equipment’s performance, or even make it unreliable. Exacting sealing solutions can prevent the chances of contamination. SSP Manufacturing Inc. provides seals of different types to support forestry equipment.

How SSP Seals can Help You ?

Sealing Solutions for Forestry Industry

As forestry equipment consists of different components and parts, SSP Seals supplies specific industrial seals and other products to meet their various needs and functionalities.

  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals : Pneumatic seals are constructed from rubber to ensure low pressures of up to110 PSI in applications. Hydraulic seals can be constructed out of plastic or urethane compounds. These compounds give the seals immense strength, which is needed as hydraulic applications can have pressures up to 2000 PSI. Our hydraulic and pneumatic seal offerings include rod seals, wear rings, U-cups, O-rings, and lip seals.
  • Power Transmission Components: This category consists of seals, rings, and bushings. They are designed to specifically support products like gearboxes and actuators. They help in the retention of lubrication, fluid separation, and contamination prevention. Power transmission offerings include oil seals, sleeve rings, shaft seals, and bearing seals.
  • Rubber Parts: Our rubber parts can be constructed in various mold designs. Additives can be used to provide the right type of color and hardness. The rubber compounds meet all relevant standards, including ANSI, and SAE. Examples of these products include gaskets, vibration mounts, belts, caps, and cushions.
Seals for Forestry Applications

Our seals and other products can support the performances of various types of forestry equipment. These include:

  • Loaders
  • Pulverizers
  • Plow Trucks
  • Gravel Trucks
  • Articulating Cranes
  • Demolition Crusher

SSP Seals can help find or create the right type of bearing or seal to meet the needs of forestry equipment. If you need more information, or have a query, give us a call us on 1-908-852-3125. You can also email us at