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High Quality and Durable Metal Seals and Gaskets for Pumps and Pipelines

Pipelines and pumps are common products used in the transmission of different types of gases and fluids. Many pipelines are designed to transport gases for fluids over many miles. They also have to deal with issues such as corrosion, high operating pressures, thermal expansions and ground shifting.

All these issues can cause damage to the pipelines, and leakage is highly possible. SSP Seals understands the problems that the pump and pipeline industry has to consider. The organization provides solution driven SSP seals and gaskets, which are used to provide a barrier against air, water, and oil leakage in addition to various environmental factors in pipeline and pumps.

How SSP Seals can Help You?

Seals for Pumps

At SSP Seals, we provide three types of sealing solutions from our inventory to the pump and pipeline industry.

  • O-Ring: The O-ring is a type of gasket and sealing solution used in mechanical systems. They are specifically designed to be installed in hydraulic systems. They are extremely resistant to environmental elements, and do not deteriorate easily. The O-ring is flexible and can adapt to any imperfections within the pump or pipeline.
  • Oil Seals: Oil seals are designed to prevent leakage of fluids. They are also ideal for preventing multiple fluids from meeting at joints of moving parts.
  • Gaskets: We design gaskets specifically for use in the pump and pipeline industry. They are designed to fill irregularities in imperfect mating parts. We generally create solid material gaskets, but with a metal that is softer than the flange. This ensures that the flange will not warp, and prevent sealing with new gaskets in the future.

We have the capabilities to create o-rings, oil seals, and gaskets in bulk quantities. We utilize a large cutting bed of 6' x 12', which allows us to handle large product volumes.

SSP Seals provides pump and pipeline seals, which can be used in different types of applications. These include:

  • Transmission Pipelines
  • Feeder Lines
  • Flowlines
      • Specialty pumps
      • Overhung pumps
      • Multiphase pumps
      • Twin screw pumps
      • Progressive cavity pumps
      • Barrel Multi-Stage pumps
    Sealing for Pumps
    • Vertical, double casing pumps
    • Single and two-stage between-bearing pumps
    • Multistage between-bearing pumps – axially split

We can even work with you to create a custom sealing solution for your application. Our sealing products are known for their high quality and durability. If you need more information, or have a query, give us a call us on 1-908-852-3125. You can also email us at gm@sspseals.com.