Reagent Filling Equipment

A reagent is a compound or a substance which acts as a catalyst to a chemical reaction. It is also added to check the reactivity of two or more chemicals. These reagents find an application in clinical research aside from many other industries. They are used to identify or manipulate the chemical matter in cells, and can act as model microorganisms. Owing to their capability to alter the state of reactions, reagents are often formulated, stored, and used in clean environments. Maintaining their purity can be a challenge for manufacturers of reagent filling equipment. They always choose to use machine parts made of FDA-approved materials. SSP Seals has been supporting these manufacturers by designing and manufacturing sanitary gaskets, seals, and related parts such as O-rings. We also offer FDA approved seals, gaskets for molded extrusion, and diagnostic lab custom parts.

Details of How We Can Fulfill the Sealing Requirements for Reagent Bottles

Reagents may be in liquid or powdered form. Especially, in the pharmaceutical clinical research sector, they are filled in vials, capsules, eye drops, solvents, antibiotics, and so on. The reagents are filled in small volumes ranging from about 0.5 ml to 100 ml depending upon the application requirement. These small volumes require small bottles. However, there may be bigger bottles required as well. But, the small sizes of bottles also vary in dimensions and need different sealing and capping capabilities. As an expert in seals and gaskets, we can fulfill all of these requirements. Reagent bottle filling and capping are two important steps in this process where seals, caps, and gaskets are required:

  • Reagent Filling Machines: Whether liquids or powders, the consistency may vary. Syringe, cannula, or piston type of fillers are required for reagent bottle filling.
  • Reagent Bottle Capping Machines: Capping is a crucial process which prohibits the entry of moisture and contaminants in the bottle. This process may have to be carried out in an inert nitrogen environment as some reagents may react with water or moisture in air. It is accomplished through various machines such as cap completion systems, cap feeding systems, and plugging systems.

We are equipped to make sealing components for reagent bottles and capping machines. Over the years, we have invested in research, equipment and resources. Our well-equipped facility combined with our vast experience enables us fulfill any complex sealing requirements related to reagent filling. Here are the details of what we can exactly offer in this scenario:

  • Seals: We offer several types of seals such as piston, rod, rotary and wiper seals. These seals find applications in liquid filling machinery, capping machines, cap completion systems, bottling equipment, and also in the clinical research and pharmaceutical sectors.
  • Gaskets: We offer water-cut and sanitary gaskets for molded extrusion. They are available in various configurations and made of different materials. For instance, tri-clamp gaskets restrict the flow and can be customized to the required size. These durable and chemical resistant gaskets are perfect for use in the pharmaceutical sector and clinical research applications. Our gaskets assure sealability for long periods.
  • O-Rings: These are used to seal the nozzle between the tip of the bottle and its body. It is also used for sealing the ball valve. We offer good quality metal O-rings and other custom sealing parts for piston and syringe fillers.

All these gaskets, seals, and seal parts are made from FDA approved materials. We design and manufacture these parts to suit your exact requirements, no matter how small the dimensions are. In case you have your own design file, you can share it with us through email.

We understand the gravity of this difficult situation the entire world is in. However, you can be assured of both safety and quality of our sealing products, as we stringently follow the WHO standards for hygiene and sanitation. If you are an OEM bottling reagents and require sealing materials, we will be utmost satisfied to fulfill your requirements. You can discuss the same with us on email or phone.

Below is a video through which you can understand how our products will be exactly helpful for these applications.