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Seals for Meeting New Challenges in Oil and Gas Industry

The continual demand for oil and gas globally has resulted in new techniques and equipment for deep well drilling. The equipment used in these processes dig to depths ranging from 500 feet to over 11,000 feet. As these are specialized projects, oil and gas companies require high performance seals, which can support these machines. SSP Seals Inc. designs and manufactures seals that can meet this demand.

We specialize in providing seals that are capable of supporting equipment in areas of high pressure and temperatures. Our sealing products are capable of performing in environments with over 500oF temperatures, and over 25,000 PSI pressures.

How SSP Seals can Help You?

Sealing Solutions for Oil and Gas Applications

As the demands of deep well drilling activities are unique, we provide specialized seals and components that support the equipment to perform in extreme conditions.

  • PTFE/Teflon Seals: Polytetrafluoroethylene is one of the primary materials used to manufacture seals for deep well drilling. PTFE is known for benefits of high heat resistance, chemical inertness, and non-adhesiveness. To create a high level of strength and flexibility, the Teflon components are fortified with different fillers. These include carbon, graphite, and glass fiber. We can even use a combination of these fillers. Our PTFE component offerings include discs, belts, mounts, plugs, and O-rings.
  • Metric Seals: These are designed to prevent pressurized fluid leakage in rods, pistons, and valves. The sizing of metric seals is more accurate than linear seals. This ensures effective sealing when used in applications like hydraulic cylinders. We provide a variety of metric seals, including hydraulic seals, O-rings, T-Seals, U-Cups, lip seals, and oil seals.
  • Valve Components: Our valve components are designed to support the flow, regulation, and control of industrial fluids. They are also useful in passageway obstruction, and pressure direction. A few examples of our valve components are stem seals, ball valve seats, valve discs, and stem packing.
  • Pump Components: These products are designed to support the bearing assembly. They also protect the assembly from coolants and contaminants. Our pump components range includes oil seals, baffle rings, pusher rings, and bearing seals.

We can also provide seals and bearings made with rubber and plastic materials including PEEK, NBR, and FKM. Like PTFE, PEEK is also used in specialized applications, while NBR and FKM are used for general oil and gas applications. Our sealing products can provide benefits to a variety of oil and gas equipment, including :

  • Rotary Drilling Systems
  • Blowout Preventers
  • Hydraulic Control Units
  • Desanders

SSP Seals is a leader in sealing solutions for the oil and gas industry. Our seals and other products can meet every new requirement that merges with the growth of the industry.