Solution Driven Industrial Seals and Gaskets for Different Industrial Applications

Industrial seals and gaskets are the key for ensuring contaminant free liquid and gas processing. As there are a wide variety of industrial applications, custom seals and gaskets are required to meet each application’s specific needs. At SSP Seals, we understand the importance of having high quality sealing products. We design and manufacture a variety of sealing solutions for our industrial clients.

SSP Manufacturing Inc. utilizes extensive material options for all requirements. Material data sheets and certificates of compliance are available for all quotations, samples, and orders. We can produce industrial seals from your drawings or samples. We provide large qualities of custom parts, gaskets and seals with short lead times, normally 7-10 days.

A Wide Range of Industrial Seals and Gaskets for Industrial Applications

Our industrial seals are designed to provide the best fit, and maximum stability and reliability in an application. We have the capabilities to offer various types of seals and gaskets. These include:

  • Ring Gaskets
  • Boiler Gaskets
  • Tadpole Gaskets
  • Full Face Gaskets
  • Wire Mesh Gaskets
  • Silicone Rubber Coated Gaskets
  • Sheet and Roll Gasket Materials
  • Spiral-wound gaskets
  • Spring - Energized
  • Lip Seals
  • Metric Seals

Our rubber and plastic gaskets are water cut using the water cutting machines. These have the capability of creating seals and gaskets with high tolerance levels, ranging from +/- .003ʺ with repeatability to +/- .002 ʺ. Our cutting machines also comprise a large cutting surface of 6 ft. x 12 ft.

Eclectic Application Industries

Our industrial seals and gaskets are the ideal solutions for various industrial processes. They providing benefits of easy installation, and long service lives in applications of the following industries.

At SSP Seals, we strive to meet all of your standard and custom sealing requirements. We can work with a variety of materials to create our custom seals and gaskets. Our products are thoroughly tested before they are delivered to the client. If you need more information, or have a query, give us a call us on 1-908-852-3425. You can also email us at