Custom Molded Rubber Seals and Parts

Aside from the standard profiles you are used to, SSP can make custom seals and parts to your print or sketch. Through our unique process we can program seals and parts to your particular application or specification.

You may, for instance, want a certain radius on the seal you are using but you can't get that from the OEM. With SSP that's no problem or you have a worn shaft - we can make a CUSTOM SEAL to fit along with Custom Parts.

Our Custom Seals and Parts are used in many different applications in the Food and Beverage industries for filling machines, labeling equipment, capping machines, bottling equipment, flexible packaging systems, shrink wrap machines, custom seals and parts for tablet and capsule counters, and complete packaging lines for the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Food and Beverage industries.

And beyond powder filling and liquid filling machinery our manufactured seals can also be used in are counting machinery for tablets, capsules and softgels as needed for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, or more specialized counters needed for parts packaging.

We are a Manufacturer of custom seals; See our product page for different types of seals we use in certain applications, custom u-cups seal , custom piston seals, custom rod seals,custom lip seals, custom spring loaded seals, custom spring energized seal, custom rotary seal and custom wiper seal.

Custom parts and seals are also used in Pharmaceutical field with applications for Clinical chemistry is a diagnostic method which tests for various components of blood and urine and enables healthcare professionals to overview significance of abnormal values.

The marine industry is consumer of SSP Manufactured Seals and gaskets for Marine industry with a broad range of products that provide sealing, retaining, alignment and protection. With automation in marine applications and the protection of our seas, the sealing technology is becoming increasingly important. Various different media need to be sealed in the tightest of spaces on board ships: the spectrum of applications in this sphere ranges from fuel supply, fire fighting facilities, bilge and ballast tank pumps right through to tubular stern seals, thru-bulkhead receptacles and flue gas ducts. Many of the seals used in such applications have to be seawater resistant, so in many cases are made from high-quality materials

Our seals are manufactured with over 100 pre-programmed profiles for custom seals and parts which we can change diameters, pre-loads, radii, grooves etc. almost infinitely to suit your needs. SSP can also program seals, parts or gaskets from your drawing and offer upgraded materials such as; Urethane, Nitrile, PTFE, Fluorocarbon, Ethylene-Propylene, Silicone and UHMW can handle any changes you may be incurring in pressure, temperature or certain fluids.

As manufacturer of custom parts In many cases we will make samples of our custom seal or part for your approval; this is what sets us apart from molded parts. You can have the CUSTOM SEAL or part from us in 2 weeks or less - without the large minimums or tooling charges you get from a molded part!

Another advantage as a manufacturer of seals we offer is reproducing obsolete seals or parts. We get many calls from people who have equipment that is no longer made and all they need is a seal - just send us the old one and you're back in business! The same goes for hard-to-find or expensive OEM parts.

Whether it's a new custom seal or custom part as a reverse engineering or just copying an old part we're confident we can satisfy your needs as we are a manufacturer of seals.

  • Average delivery : 7-10 day for custom seal and custom parts
  • No large minimum
  • Samples available for approval in many cases
  • Problem solving - we'll help you pick the type of custom seal ( or part ) and the correct material to suit your application
  • Replication of your used or obsolete part - Send us your old seal or part and we'll copy it.