Custom Water Cut Gaskets

Water-Cut Machines can cut everything from common rubbers and plastics to the hardest of steels including 4" titanium. The advantages of Water Cut gaskets are that they involve no tooling which allows for quick deliveries and no tooling charges. They also enable extremely precise parts to your specifications. Our water cut machines hold industry leading tolerances of +/- .007. The particular machine pictured above also represents one of the largest cutting surfaces available (6 ft x 12 ft). This enables us to provide seamless parts with no bonded joints in any size that fits within that rectangle area.

Other benefits to Water Cut Gaskets are with thick rubbers in both solid and sponges where the typical method of manufacture, die cutting, would cause a severe concavity, water-cutting provides a seamless wall similar to if the part had been molded, though not quite as smooth. If you are having a hard time with any of your designs or ideas and are not sure if it is best to Die Cut, Mold, or Water-Cut Gaskets call us.

For many of our customers gaskets are a necessity. The following would you like to know more are some examples of the industries we serve:

Water Cut Gaskets
SSP has been supplying high quality water-cut gaskets and providing that service as a perfect complement to our other products sealing products.
Acrylic Fiberglass Plastics
Aluminum Foam Porcelain
Brass Formica Rubber
Bronze Glass Silicone
Ceramic Granite Sponge
Cobalt Hard Board Stainless Steel
Composites Inconel TeflonT
Copper Iron Tile
Cork Manganese Titanium
Corian Marble Urethane
Craft Foam Mild Steel Vinyl
Cultured Stone Monel Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT)
Die Board Neoprene® Wood
Exotic Alloys Natural Stone  
Felt Non-asbestos  
With this technology, we can produce precision finished gaskets and component parts through:
  • CAD-aided programming.
  • Accuracy from + / - .005"
  • Precision cuts through the use of CNC robotics.
  • 1mm I.D. to 106in. O.D.
  • Thicknesses from 0.025 in. to 2 in.
  • Large cutting bed (6ft. x 12ft.) allows for production of large gaskets and parts.
  • Water-cutting also helps avoid expensive die cutting charges.
  • Water cut gaskets are also available in Metal and X ray Detectable Products