EPDM(Ethylene Propylene Rubber)

EPDM is an elastomer based on ethylene-propylene-diene rubber (EPDM), which can be used for U-cups, lip seals and packings. EPDM has an outstanding resistance to hot water, steam, washing agents and polar organic solvents. SSP EPDM is not resistant to mineral oil and other un-polar media. The stability to weathering, ozone and ageing is good. If used in glycol-based brake fluids, national regulations have to be adhered to.

Ethylene-Propylene can be used for sealing phosphate ester hydraulic fluids such as Skydrol. Not suitable for petroleum based fluids, Ethylene-Propylene is highly effective for use with steam, acetone, dilute acids and alkalies. Specially compounded Ethylene-Propylene can be made suitable for automobile brake systems. Temperature range from -20° to +300° F. Always available in Phthalates Free, with Certification.


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Data Sheet for EPDM(Ethylene Propylene Rubber)

Property Specification Value
Hardness ISO 868 81 +/- 5 shore
Modulus 100% DIN 53 504 Greater than or Equal to N/A
Tensile strength DIN 53 504 Greater than or Equal to N/A
Elongation at break DIN 53 504 Greater than or Equal to 150%
Tear Strength DIN 53 515 N/A
Specific Gravity ISO 1183 1.17 g/cm3
Rebound Elasticity DIN 53 512 Greater than or Equal to 41%
Abrasion DIN 53 516 N/A
Compression set ISO 815 Less than or Equal to 15%
70 deg. C / 24h @ 25% deflection    
Compression Set ISO 815 N/A
100 deg. C / 24h @ 25% deflection    
Compression Set ISO 815 N/A
150 deg. C / 24h @ 25% deflection    
Min. Service Temperature   -40 deg. F
Max. Service Temperature   266 deg. F
Max. Temperature Water / Steam   266 deg. F
Max. Temperature Hot Air (short)   302 deg. F

EPDM exhibits some positive characteristics because it features saturated polymer chains. It can be used in temperatures as low as -45 °C/ -49 °F and has good insulting properties. Due to these properties, it is used in air conditioners and other ‘colder’ applications. It is also used in automotive applications that come in contact with coolants, brake fluids, etc.
This material can be 'FDA Approved' on Request.
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