PTFE (Polyetrafluorethylene)

Most PTFE seals, in order to retain their toughness and flexibility, are fortified with short glass fiber, bronze flashes, carbon, graphite, or a combination of these fillers. Because of a lack of resilience (memory) in PTFE, an energizer is most often employed to obtain the desired fit. Benefits are chemical inertness, high heat resistance, low temperature flexibility, low running friction, and non-adhesive characteristics. Temperatures to +500° F are obtainable but are often reduced by the filler or energizer employed.

PTFE is used in high heat applications because it is inflammable. They can be used in cryogenic as well as high temperatures (up to 300 ºC). A wide variety of fillings like carbon, glass fiber, polymers, and more can be made available with PTFE seals. PTFE seals offer thermal stability, the lowest known coefficient of friction (of nay solid), and extreme chemical resistance.


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Data Sheet for PTFE (Polyetrafluorethylene)

Mechanical Properties Parameter Value Unit DIN/EN/ISO/ASTM
Modulus of elasticity (tensile test) 1mm/min 2800 MPa 527-2
Tensile strength - 22 MPa D4894
Tensile strength at break - - MPa 527
Elongation at break - 220 % D4894
Shore hardness Shore D 55 - D2240
Compression strength 1% deformation 5 MPa D695
Ball indentation hardness - 30 MPa 2039/1
Creep rupture strength after 1000hrs with static load - 5 MPa -
Coefficient of friction against hardened and ground steel P=0.05 N/mm2 , v=0.6m/s - 0.08-0.10 - -
Wear conditions as above - 21 µm/km -
Specific Gravity D-792 1.32 1.49
Thermal Properties Parameter Value Unit DIN/EN/ISO/ASTM
Glass transition temperature - -20 °C 53765
Crystalline melting point - 327 °C 53736
Service temperature Short term 260 °C -
Service temperature Long term 260 °C -
Thermal expansion (CLTE) 23-100°C, Long 13 10-5K-1 D696
Specific heat - 1) J/(g*K) -
Thermal conductivity - 0.20 W/(K*m) C177
Electrical Properties Parameter Value Unit DIN/IEC/ASTM
Surface resistance - 1016 O D257
Specific volume resistance - 1017 O*cm D257
Dielectric strength In air, thickness 0.125mm 80 kV/mm D149
Dielectric constant 50-109Hz 2.1 - D150 Other
Other Properties Parameter Value Unit DIN/EN/ISO/IEC
Water absorption 24h/96h (23°C) 0.05/0.1 % 62
Flammability (UL94) Corresponding to V0 - 60695-11-10

This material is FDA Approved (FDA CFR 21-177.2600 Compliant)
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