Application Areas of Lip Seals

Lip seals – also known as rotary or radial shaft seals – offer several performance advantages, adding to their popularity in aerospace, climate control, electromechanical, fluid and gas handling hydraulics, pneumatic, and process control domains. Offered in various designs from single lip seal to multiple lip cartridge versions, these seals retain lubricants, remove contaminants, confine pressure and separate fluids.… Read more..

Why Do People Think Metal Detectable Gaskets are a Good Idea?

The packaged food, which you consume in your everyday life undergoes a number of processing steps. The food and beverages industry implements different types of machinery to carry out diverse processes. Same is the case with the pharmaceutical industry.

These machines use components like gaskets, and seals, which may erode over extensive use, and its particles can enter the products.… Read more..

An Introduction to Industrial Seals Used in Power Generation Equipment

Seals refer to any adhesive device or material, which joins any two systems together and prevent leakage of fluid under the influence of pressure. These seals are developed using a different process, and are built in adherence with the industrial standards to provide effective performance in various power generation equipment, such as actuators, linear motion devices, gear boxes, etc.… Read more..

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