AFLAS ®, TFE/P refers to the range of copolymers comprising propylene and tetrafluoroethylene with a fluorine content of 54%. This copolymer is an ultra-high temperature compound that can withstand temperatures as high as 205 degrees Celsius. It can resist steam, petroleum compounds, and so on, which makes it a right choice for oil seals, O-rings, and gaskets to be used in critical applications demanding the highest degree of reliability.

Properties of AFLAS®, TFE/P Copolymers

The following properties of AFLAS® copolymers make a popular choice for various sealing applications.

  • Chemical Resistance: The AFLAS® rubber sheet can resist a wide range of chemicals including amines/bases, acids, and steam. In recent years, it has become a suited replacement for Viton in a wide range of applications where it may be exposed to a wide range of automotive fluids including engine coolants, motor oils, corrosion inhibitors, EP gear lubricant, steering fluids, and so on. The material can also withstand a wide range of brake fluids such as silicone oil, mineral oil, and DOT 3.
  • Low-temperature Properties: Many AFLAS® grades such as 100S and 150P have brittle temperatures around -40 degrees Celsius. This temperature will differ according to the composition. This proves its ability to be used in low-temperature applications.
  • Low Aromatizing Properties: AFLAS® has low aromatizing properties. Thus, seals and gaskets made of AFLAS rubber sheets are a part of food and pharmaceutical production lines, where aroma can be a big concern.
  • Excellent Thermal Properties: AFLAS® is known for its excellent heat resistance. It can withstand consistent temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius. Some grades can even withstand temperatures as high as 250 degrees Celsius. This makes them ideal for superheated steam applications.
  • Ideal Flame Resistance: Seals and gaskets made from AFLAS® rubber sheet will burn if directly exposed to flames. This stops immediately when removed from the flame.


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AFLAS®, TFE/P Data Sheet

Properties Condition Standard Unit Unit
Color Black Black
Hardness 23°C/3 sec. ISO 868 Shore A 83 ± 5 Shore A 83 ± 5
Hardness 23°C/15 sec. ISO 868 Shore A 80 ± 5 Shore A 80 ± 5
Modulus 100% 23°C DIN 53 504 MPa ≥ 7 psi ≥ 1015
tensile strength 23°C DIN 53 504 MPa ≥ 9 psi ≥ 1305
elongation at break 23°C DIN 53 504 % ≥ 110 % ≥ 110
tear strength 23°C DIN ISO 34-1 kN/m ≥ 6 lbf/inch ≥ 35
spec. gravity 23°C ISO 1183/td> kg/m³ 1730 g/cm³ 1,73
rebound elasticity 23°C DIN 53 512 % 10 % 10
abrasion 23°C DIN 53 516 mm³ 230 mm³ 230
compression set * ISO 815 % 40 % 40
compression set ** ISO 815 % %
compression set *** ISO 815 % 30 % 30
minimum service temperatur °C -5 °F 23
maximum service temperature °C 200 °F 392
temp. max water/steam °C 170 °F 338
temp. max hot air °C 230 °F 446

* 24h 70°C 25% def.

** 24h 100°C 25% def.

*** 24h 175°C 25% def.

Applications of Seals and Gaskets Made of AFLAS®, TFE/P

At SSP Seals, we regularly design and manufacture seals and gaskets for various applications across the following industries.

  • General Purpose
  • Food and Pharmaceutical
  • Automotive
  • Chemical Processing
  • Utilities and HVAC

Feel free to contact our team to know and understand our capabilities in designing and manufacturing seals using AFLAS rubber sheet. Our experts would be happy to help you.

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