AFLAS 90, a tetrafluoroethylene and propylene copolymer (FEPM), has a fluorine content up to 54%. This polymer has some excellent physical and chemical properties, temperature resistance, and more, which makes it suitable for sealing applications in industries with harsh environments, such as chemical, petroleum, oil & gas, and so on. It is black in color and withstands a wide temperature range. SSP Seals offers sealing products made using AFLAS 90 for diverse industries. Most commonly, we make gaskets and O-rings with AFLAS 90 which can be used for high-temperature applications and offers a high degree of reliability. 

Properties of AFLAS 90 Polymer

These properties of AFLAS 90 make it a reliable material for sealing applications. 

  • Chemical Properties: AFLAS 90 can resist chemicals, abrasive fluids, hydraulic fluids, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, steam and hot water, oils & lubricants, acids and gases. Its chemical composition comprises tetrafluoroethylene + cured peroxide (propylene).
  • Physical Properties:This polymer is much harder than AFLAS 360, and has a good tensile strength. AFLAS 90 has almost all the physical properties of TFE/P. Also, its turnability is quite high. It has an elongation percentage of 133% and specific gravity is 1.6528. With this material, you can achieve tight tolerances for O-ring diameters and cross sections for other seal applications. Its shelf life without any changes is almost 10 years.
  • Temperature Resistance:AFLAS 90 has an excellent temperature resistance, and has an operating temperature range from -10 to 200 degrees Celsius. So, the heat resistance is excellent. Structurally, AFLAS 90 sustains till -40 degrees Celsius. However, it loses elasticity beyond -10. So, depending upon the application requirement, it can be used in low temperatures.
  • Flame Resistance:If it is exposed to fire or a flame, AFLAS 90 will burn. However, it would stop burning once the flame is removed.
  • Low Aromatizing properties:If you are looking for a rubber-like material without a strong aroma, for gaskets and seals applications, then AFLAS 90 is the right option. This is because of its low aroma.  


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AFLAS Data Sheet

Properties Condition Standard Unit Unit
Color Black Black
Hardness 23°C ISO 868 Shore A 90 ±5 Shore A 90 ±5
Modulus 100% 23°C DIN 53 504 MPa ≥ 5,5 psi ≥ 795
Tesnsile Strength 23°C DIN 53 504 MPa ≥ 6 psi ≥ 870
Elongation at Break 23°C DIN 53 504 % ≥ 140 % ≥ 140
Tear Strength 23°C DIN ISO 34-1 kN/m ≥ 5 ibf/inch ≥ 28
Spec Gravity 23°C ISO 1183 kg/m³ 1630 g/cm³ 1,63
Rebound Elasticity 23°C DIN 53 512 % 7 % 7
Abrasion 23°C DIN 53 516 mm³ mm³
Compression set * ISO 815 % %
Compression set * ISO 815 % %
Compression set * ISO 815 % %
Minimum Service Temperature °C -5 °F 23
Maximum Service Temperature °C 200 °F 392
Temp. Max Water/Steam °C 170 °F 338
Temp. Max °C 230 °F 446
Hot Air

* 24h 70°C 25% def.

** 24h 100°C 25% def.

*** 24h 175°C 25% def.

Applications of Seals and Gaskets Made of AFLAS 90 TFE/P

The following are a few popular types of seals and gaskets made of AFLAS 90 TFE/P

  • Vulcanized O-rings
  • Seals
  • Gaskets
  • Moldings
  • Extrusions

If you have any questions about our seals made using AFLAS 90 or you need to further understand our capabilities in designing and manufacturing seals using AFLAS 90, do reach us on phone or email. Our experts would be happy to offer you any relevant assistance. 

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