HYTREL 5555HS is a popular thermoplastic elastomer of polyester that is considered a suitable alternative for plastic, rubber, and metal in many applications. This elastomer combines the properties of flexible plastic and high-performance elastomers. Owing to their resistance to chemicals and exceptional durability, this elastomer has become a common choice for sealing solutions to be used in various challenging industrial applications. 

At SSP Seals, we specialize in sealing solutions using various types of thermoplastics and HYTREL is one of them. We regularly build sealing elements including backup rings and wipers using this material. It exhibits excellent aging properties at high temperatures. 

Thermal, Chemical, and Mechanical Properties of HYTREL 5555HS

The following properties of HYTREL 5555HS make them a popular choice for sealing applications.

  1. The seals made of HYTREL can withstand oils, hydrocarbon solvents, fuels, and other chemicals.
  2. Stabilized HYTREL thermoplastic can withstand excellent oil and heat resistance.
  3. This material exhibits flexibility at low temperatures, as well as good retention properties at high temperatures.
  4. The material features exceptional durability, as well as resilience.
  5. It assures high resistance to impact, creep, and flexing.
  6. This material exhibits excellent versatility when it comes to molding. It can be molded into any shape depending on the requirement.

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HYTREL 5555HS Data Sheet 

Properties Condition Standard Unit Unit
Color Orange Orange
Hardness 23°C ISO 868 Shore A Shore A
Hardness 23°C ISO 868 Shore D 54 ± 3 Shore D 54 ± 3
Modulus 100% 23°C DIN 53 504 MPa ≥ 15 psi ≥ 2175
Modulus 300% 23°C DIN 53 504 MPa psi
Tensile Strength 23°C DIN 53 504 MPa ≥ 28 psi ≥ 4060
elongation at break 23°C DIN 53 504 % ≥ 300 % ≥ 300
tear strength 23°C DIN ISO 34-1 kN/m 124 lbf/inch 705
Specific Gravity 23°C ISO 1183 kg/m³ 1190 g/cm³ 1,19
abrasion 23°C DIN 53 516 mm³ 120 mm³ 120
compression set * ISO 815 % ≤60 % ≤60
compression set ** ISO 815 % %
minimum service temperatur °C -30 °F -22
maximum service temperature °C 120 °F 248

 * 24h 70°C 25% def.

** 24h 100°C 25% def.

Feel free to get in touch with our team today to discuss your specific requirements for sealing solutions building using the popular thermoplastic - HYTREL 555. We can provide sealing solutions in standard and customized sizes to meet your application requirements. Our experts will guide you on how to use the HYTREL 555 effectively to meet your sealing requirements.

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