Original Equipment Manufacturers

SSP provides OEM approved replacement parts from the most successful corporations in the industry. Our goal in providing OEM parts is to replicate the original part quicker for less money than the OEM. Since, in many cases, the original part has either become obsolete, too expensive or must be purchased in a kit with other parts the customer does not want.

  • We required a drawing, sketch or sample.
  • Part numbers may help, however many OEMs designate their own part numbers which cannot be cross-referenced.
  • Since drawings are not always available, a sample is the best way for us to evaluate the part.
  • Once we establish the type of part and the application, we may offer a suggestion for a different material to fit the customer’s criteria – temperature, service and pressure.
  • In many cases we will make a sample for the customer to test and approve at no cost. Material data sheets and certifications are always provided free of charge.
  • Our ability to make our parts here in the USA and ship within 2 weeks sets us apart from companies that mold overseas, require large quantities, and charge hefty tooling fees and take months to deliver.

SSP Manufacturing works with Major Brand Name Companies that required replacements Parts in large Qualities.

SSP maintains a large database of O.E.M equipment and is capable of cross referencing many O.E.M part numbers. Our customer’s rely on our ability to reverse engineer, design and manufacture replacement seals quickly and cost effectively.

As always, we fully support these seals with our quality customer service and excellent knowledge and designs.

On the industrial side, SSP offers an extensive product line from the best major manufacturers plus a self-manufactured line of O-rings, seals, gaskets and custom molded shapes.