EPDM O-Rings

Ethylene – Propylene (EPDM) O-rings are elastomeric O-rings that are characterized by excellent thermal and chemical resistance. These O-rings have excellent physical properties, which make them ideal for a variety of demanding process applications. EPDM compound works well across a wide range of high and low temperatures. The Transmitter Shop provides high quality EPDM O-rings that are regularly used in various harsh industrial applications.


Benefits of EPDM O-Rings

Following are some beneficial features of the ethylene- propylene O-rings:

  • These O-rings have a good abrasion and compression set resistance, elongation and flame resistance.
  • These sealing solutions are ideal for brake systems as well as sealing steam and hot water systems. Other common uses may include food and dairy, as well as medical and pharmaceutical applications.
  • The O-rings are ideal for sealing phosphate ester fire resistant hydraulic fluids like Skydrol.
  • EPDM strongly resists alkali, mild acids, silicone oils, alcohols, and ketones. Also, they provide resistance against a variety of organic and inorganic acids, cleaning agents, potassium and soda alkalis, grease, aging, and ozone.
  • The O-rings have a wide temperature range: -58 °F to 302 °F and are available in white and black colors.
  • These O-rings can be availed phthalate free and are x-ray detectable.
  • The EPDM has excellent gas permeability and low temperature flexibility.


EPDM O-rings are not recommended for the following:

  • Petroleum oils
  • Di-ester based lubricants

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