FKM and Aflas FFKM O-Rings

FKM O-rings are known to provide excellent resistance against chemicals and temperatures. These compounds are better suited for prolonged exposure at high operating temperatures. Aflas FFKM O-rings combine the chemical properties of FKM and PTFE. The SSP Manufacturing, Inc. provides Aflas FFKM and FKM O-rings, which are ideal for chemical plants and can easily resist highly corrosive fluids. All our FKM O-rings are phthalate free and are x-ray inspectable and metal detectable.

FKM O Ring

Features of FKM O-Rings

Following features of SSP Maufacturing, Inc. provided FKM O-rings make them ideal for various process applications:

  • The operating temperature range of FKM is 2 °F to 392 °F.
  • The O-rings can be availed in white, brown, and black colors.
  • The FKM compound provides excellent resistance against ozone and ageing.
  • The FKM has excellent abrasion resistance, compression set and flame resistance, tear resistance and tensile strength.
  • The FKM compound has a very low gas permeability, which makes these O-rings ideal for a variety of vacuum applications.
  • The O-rings are ideal for sealing applications coming in contact with:
    • Greases and mineral oil
    • Vegetable oils
    • Silicon
    • Aliphatic hydrocarbons (butane, propane, and natural gas)
    • Aromatic hydrocarbons (toluene, benzene)
    • Chlorinated hydrocarbons (carbon tetrachloride, trichloroethylene)
    • Fuels with high methanol content
  • These O-rings are not recommended for applications that come in contact with:
    • Ammonia gas
    • Glycol based brake fluids
    • Amines and alkalies
    • Low molecular weight organic acids such as acetic acid, formic acid, etc.
    • Superheated steam

Features of Aflas FFKM O-rings

Following features of Aflas FFKM O-rings make them ideal for a variety of industrial applications

  • The temperature operating range is -10 °F to 599 °F.
  • The FFKM has a slightly different chemical structure than regular FKM compounds, which provides significant advantages. The same properties work for FFKM O-rings too.
  • The O-rings are ideal for high temperature applications because it has an excellent heat resistance.
  • The O-rings are ideal to seal applications coming in contact with:
    • Oils and lubricants
    • Hydraulic fluids
    • Transmission fluids
    • Brake fluids
    • Power steering fluids
    • Sour gas and oil
    • Amine corrosion inhibitors
    • Weathering and ozone
    • Steam and hot water
    • Oxidizing agents
    • Bleaches
    • Pulp and paper liquors
    • Herbicides, insecticides, and gamma radiation
    • Alcohols
  • The O-rings are not recommended for applications that come in contact with
    • High aromatic fluids
    • Non-polar solvents’
    • Ethers
    • Ketones
    • Organic acetates
    • Freon’s and acetic acids

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FDA Certificate of Conformance always provided for all Food Grade Parts

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