PTFE O-Rings

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) O-rings are widely used for chemical applications due to their wide temperature operating range, as well as low moisture absorption properties. These O-rings are hydrophobic, which don’t get wet when they come in contact with water.


Advantages of PTFE O-Rings

Following are some of the benefits of using the O-rings made from PTFE

  • The operating temperature range is -300 oF to 500 oF.
  • These O-rings are provided in white color.
  • The O-rings are phthalate free and X-ray detectable.
  • These O-rings gain their physical properties from the PTFE material. They are as summarized below:
    • Excellent Abrasion Resistance
    • Good Compression Set Resistance
    • Good Elongation Resistance
    • Excellent Flame Resistance
    • Fair Low Temperature Flexibility
    • Good Tensile Strength
    • Excellent Tear Resistance
    • Low Friction
    • Excellent Moisture Resistance
    • Good Cryogenic Capabilities
  • PTFE is a chemically inert material. Its chemical resistance properties can be summarized as below:
    • Excellent resistance against brake fluids, hydraulic fluids, ketones, ozone, petroleum oils, silicone fluids, transmission fluids, and water.
    • Good resistance against dilute acids, dilute alkalis, steam, and strong acids.
  • Due to low friction characteristics, PTFE O-rings meet USDA, FDA, and 3-A dairy requirements. Hence, these O-rings are perfect for several food and beverage processing applications.


You need to keep in mind that PTFE O-rings are not compatible with:

  • High vacuum seals
  • High temperature steam
  • Low compression vacuum sealing flanges

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FDA Certificate of Conformance always provided for all Food Grade Parts

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