Schedule V Gaskets

Schedule V is a popular type of standard sanitary gasket used in food and beverage industries. It is available in the market in a wide range of materials for different applications. At SSP Manufacturing, Inc. you can find high-quality Schedule V gaskets made from FDA grade materials. We are known to provide fastest turnaround times.

Schedule V Gasket

Schedule V Sanitary Gasket Specifications

We provide Schedule V gaskets in following specifications:

Schedule V
Gaskets Sizes
1" - 3"

schedule V drawing

Schedule V
Gaskets Sizes
4" - 12"

schedule V type II
Schedule V OD ID

Size Part Gasket I.D. Gasket O.D. Bead Center
1" 40MV_-100 1.200 2.000 1.710
1-1/2" 40MV_-150 1.780 2.520 2.220
2" 40MV_-200 2.260 3.050 2.780
2-1/2" 40MV_-250 2.720 3.580 3.290
3" 40MV_-300 3.350 4.170 3.820
4" 40MV_-400 4.350 5.120 4.800
6" 40MV_-600 6.430 7.200 6.850
8" 40MV_-800 8.430 9.190 8.860
10" 40MV_-1000 10.490 11.320 11.000
12" 40MV_-1200 12.440 13.310 12.930

Schedule V Sanitary Gasket Materials

Following are the different Schedule V sanitary gasket materials that we provide:

  1. Tuf-Flex®:This material helps the gasket withstand a wide temperature range, which varies from -20°F to 300°F.
  2. Tuf-Steel®: The Tuf-Steel® material has a capability to survive temperatures varying from -350°F to 550°F. The gaskets made from this material generally have an extended service life.
  3. PTFE: This material exhibits excellent heat resistance, and has an operating temperature range from -100°F to 500°F. PTFE also provides excellent resistance to process fluids
  4. Platinum Silicone: Schedule V gaskets that are made from platinum silicone material have an operating temperature range from -40F° to 450°F. These materials are mainly used for low temperature applications.
  5. FKM Fluoroelastomer: FKM Fluoroelastomer material is typically used for steam applications. This material has a capability to withstand temperature ranging from -30°F to 400°F.
  6. EPDM:Schedule V sanitary gaskets made from EPDM are ideal for low pressure steam applications with a temperature range varying from -30°F to 300°F. The material is highly resistant to strong and oxidizing chemicals, vegetable oil, animal oil, and ozone.
  7. Buna N: The Buna N material is ideal for temperature ranges from -30°F to 200°F. This material is highly resistant to petroleum based fluids. This makes Buna N the most preferred choice of material for equipment, where petroleum based fuels, oils, and lubricants are involved.

Schedule V Sanitary Gasket Applications

Schedule V sanitary gaskets are used several applications in different industries. Some of the most common industries, which use these gaskets are as follows:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Dairy

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