Nitrile rubber seal

Reasons Behind the Popularity of Nitrile Rubber

Jun 08, 2021 Food Grade Seals,Industrial seals,Mechanical Seals

Nitrile rubber, also referred to as nitrile butadiene rubber or NBR rubber, has been around for many years. Owing to its several beneficial features and properties, the material act as the backbone of the industrial as well as automotive rubber product industries.


Metal Detectable O-rings

Know Why Metal Detectable O-rings Find Use in Food and Pharmaceutical Industries

Jan 11, 2023 FDA O-Rings,Mechanical Seals

Food and pharmaceutical are two industries which have to comply with industry standards for hygiene, sanitation, use of safe products, and so on. Each aspect of these two industries, ranging from the actual product and its parts to packaging materials, need to comply with FDA standards. There is zer...


Piston and Rod Seals

A Guide on Wear-Resistant Guide Rings for Piston and Rod Seals

Mar 08, 2021 Rod Seals,Mechanical Seals

Wear-resistant guide rings are the friction-resistant guiding elements, which are inserted between the piston and rod, thus, they are also known as piston guide rings. These piston guide rings are made from various materials, in various dimensions and specifications.


Rotary Shaft Seals

Exploring Varieties and Design Features of Rotary Shaft Seals

Nov 09, 2023 Material,LIP Seals,Mechanical Seals

The performance of most industrial processes depends on various scalar and vector quantities such as motion, speed, force, and more, which are based on direction, magnitude, or both. All of these quantities together facilitate the working of any machine or equipment in terms of mobility, movement in...


Mechanical Seals

Understanding How Mechanical Seals Work ?

Feb 05, 2015 Gaskets,Mechanical Seals

Seals are used to keep liquids and gases from entering certain areas or mixing with one another.