Nitrile rubber seal

Reasons Behind the Popularity of Nitrile Rubber

Jun 08, 2021 Food Grade Seals,Industrial seals,Mechanical Seals

Nitrile rubber, also referred to as nitrile butadiene rubber or NBR rubber, has been around for many years. Owing to its several beneficial features and properties, the material act as the backbone of the industrial as well as automotive rubber product industries.


FDA approval

FDA Approved Vs. FDA Compliant: Few Things You Must Know About Them

Sep 28, 2021 Food Grade Seals,Oil Seals,Material

FDA approval is required for products that pose a high risk of injury while offering benefits. These may include over-the-counter medications, prescription medications, and the medical devices identified as Class III.


Food Grade Seal Failures

Typical Food-Grade Seal Failures and Strategies for Resolution

Nov 22, 2023 Food Grade Seals,Gaskets

Maintaining hygiene, product integrity, and safety is essential in the food processing industry. Seals and gaskets play an essential role in accomplishing these objectives. They help keep the equipment airtight, prevent cross-contamination, and maintain the hygiene and quality of food products. Unli...


FDA approved Silicone Rubber

Why is FDA-approved Silicone Rubber Chosen for Gaskets and Seals in the Food Processing Industry?

Jan 03, 2020 Food Grade Seals,Rubber Seals,Gaskets

The food and pharmaceutical industry follows stringent standards when it comes to gasket and sealing materials used in food production machinery.


Why Polyurethane is Chosen to Manufacture of Food Grade Gaskets & Seals

Sep 10, 2019 Food Grade Seals,Gaskets

Unlike the past, food and beverage industry is focusing more on safety and sanitation in their production processes to prevent the rate of contamination.


How to Ensure Optimum Performance of Rubber Seals in Low-temperature Environments?

May 09, 2016 Food Grade Seals,Rubber Seals

Low temperature applications test the reliability of seals. When exposed to low temperatures, elastomeric seals tend to contract.


How to Avoid Bacterial Growth in F&B Industries ?

Aug 06, 2015 Food Grade Seals,Rubber Seals,Gaskets

Food grade seals and gaskets are used in industries to avoid the growth of bacteria and other contaminants in the workplace.


4 Main FDA – Approved Rubber ( or Elastomer ) Materials for Food Grade Seals

Jul 30, 2015 Food Grade Seals

FDA approved seals used in the food processing industry are manufactured with specific materials and processes.


Preventing Listeriosis – Recommended Cleaning Procedures by the USDA

Jun 25, 2015 Food Grade Seals,Gaskets,FDA O-Rings

Listeriosis is developing into a problematic disease in the United States. The growth and spread of this disease is being observed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


Presenting SSP Seals New Online Avatar!

May 25, 2015 Food Grade Seals,Oil Seals,FDA O-Rings

SSP Seals has upgraded its online persona! Our company now boasts of a completely redesigned website!


World Class Food Grade Seals from SSP Seals

Aug 26, 2014 Food Grade Seals,Oil Seals,Gaskets

The food and beverage industry requires the use of sealing products for a variety of static and dynamic applications.


Sealing Solutions for the Food and Beverages Industry

Jul 10, 2014 Food Grade Seals

The food and beverages industry relies on worthy and high quality packaging as well as sealing solutions to protect the edibles from contamination and other unfriendly environmental factors. The sealing requirements of food products and beverages are highly specific and thus one has to be very preci...