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Which are the Best Sealing Materials Available for Food Grade O-Rings Manufacturing

Sep 29, 2021 FDA O-Rings

O-rings are the inevitable component are widely used in food processing equipment as they perform the critical task of sealing the connections in pipes, tubes, and other elements tightly. There are a wide range of O-rings manufactured from different materials. However, not all O-rings accommodate th...


Tips for Selecting the O-Ring Squeeze Ratio

May 07, 2018 FDA O-Rings

O-rings are the type of seals used in various process industries to prevent the leakage of gases or liquids. There are various factors that equipment designers need to consider while installing the O-ring seals.


Guide to Different Types of O-ring Applications

Nov 28, 2017 FDA O-Rings

The O-ring is one of the important and simplest types of seals used in various dynamic, as well as static applications. It basically comprises of a cross-section, which is designed into a groove. This cross section provides an initial compression.


What You Should Know About 4 FDA-Grade O-ring Materials?

Aug 16, 2017 FDA O-Rings

A wide variety of processing equipment in the food and pharmaceutical industries use seals like any other manufacturing equipment. O-rings are one such type of mechanical seals that are used by food manufacturing industries.


Know How to Identify O-ring Failure in Fluid-Power Systems

Oct 25, 2016 FDA O-Rings

The sealing integrity of a fluid power system is of paramount importance. O-rings are the most common types of sealing used in various fluid power systems.


Preventing Listeriosis – Recommended Cleaning Procedures by the USDA

Jun 25, 2015 FDA O-Rings

Listeriosis is developing into a problematic disease in the United States. The growth and spread of this disease is being observed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


Presenting SSP Seals New Online Avatar!

May 25, 2015 Food Grade Seals,Oil Seals,FDA O-Rings

SSP Seals has upgraded its online persona! Our company now boasts of a completely redesigned website!


What is FDA CFR 21 177.2600 and Why is it Important for Your Food Processing Business ?

Jun 24, 2016 Gaskets,Materials,FDA O-Rings

Food product manufacturers are very particular about standards put in place by the FDA and other governing agencies.


Importance of FDA Approved O-Rings in F&B and Pharmaceutical Industries

Sep 15, 2015 FDA O-Rings

Several organizations require FDA approved O-rings to be used in their applications.


What is the Difference between Static and Dynamic O-rings?

Aug 21, 2015 FDA O-Rings

O-rings are used for effective sealing in applications. Mostly, they are used to help repair or correct any manufacturing or installation defects seen in glands.


Incorporation of FDA-Approved Metal & X-Ray Detectable Rubber Materials

Mar 26, 2015 FDA O-Rings

The Government has taken several steps to reduce food contamination. With every process under purview of food administration, use of FDA-approved rubber materials for sealing products has been advocated by authorities. SSP Seals now provides products manufactured using metal & x-ray detectable rubbe...


O-rings Used in Static and Dynamic Applications

Nov 10, 2014 FDA O-Rings

An O-ring is a versatile mechanical gasket that is used to seal an interface when two or more parts are assembled together.


The Importance of FDA Approved O-rings

Sep 23, 2014 FDA O-Rings

O-rings are elastomer mechanical gaskets that are designed to be placed in the groove of a machine component.


Get a Superior Edge in Manufacturing Processes with FDA Approved O-rings

Mar 04, 2014 FDA O-Rings

When it comes to manufacturing processes in industries like pharmaceutical and food and beverage