Incorporation of FDA-Approved Metal & X-Ray Detectable Rubber Materials
Incorporation of FDA-Approved Metal & X-Ray Detectable Rubber Materials

Incorporation of FDA-Approved Metal & X-Ray Detectable Rubber Materials

Mar 26, 2015 Oil Seals | Material | FDA O-Rings

The Government has taken several steps to reduce food contamination. With every process under purview of food administration, use of FDA-approved rubber materials for sealing products has been advocated by authorities. SSP Seals now provides products manufactured using metal & x-ray detectable rubber materials.

Nature of FDA-Approved Metal & X-Ray Detectable Rubber Materials

As dictated by the FDA, the rubber materials used for seals should feature the following:

  • No contaminants should enter the food from the rubber seal that are in contact with the food items.
  • The material should be detectable under metal scanners and x-rays.
  • Since the products experience rigorous wash downs with water sprays and abrasive chemicals, the plastic tends to disintegrate. Small fibers of the material enter the food products causing contamination. The rubber used needs to be fabricated with a material that does not disintegrate in harsh circumstances.
  • Most food processing operations utilize HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) programs. This requires the parts to be scanned with x-rays and metal detectors.

Utilization of FDA-Approved Metal & X-Ray Detectable Rubber Materials by Sealing Industry

Sealing Industry has incorporated this material in its product offerings. The following are the details regarding the same:

  • Materials used are authorized under FDA Title 21 CFR 177.2600.
  • The materials exhibit magnetic properties.
  • The approved materials are available in two variants:
    • Silicon 19770
    • Nitrite 7770

Metal & X-Ray Detectable Rubber

As mentioned above, the materials don’t disintegrate easily. This not only helps avoid contamination but also reduces chances of part failure. This results in reduced down time. These factors have a direct impact on the cost. The cost of repair, lower production because of down time is lowered. The risks associated with part failure are also mitigated to a great extent.

Utilization of FDA-approved metal & x-ray detectable rubber materials is now mandated by law. These materials also ensure adherence to HACCP programs, which is important since the materials need to be scanned using metal detectors and x-rays to check for contaminants. Use of these materials ensures high levels of quality in food processing units.

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