O-rings Used in Static and Dynamic Applications
O-rings Used in Static and Dynamic Applications

O-rings Used in Static and Dynamic Applications

Nov 10, 2014 FDA O-Rings

An O-ring is a versatile mechanical gasket that is used to seal an interface when two or more parts are assembled together. Usually, the O-rings are designed in such a way that they can be seated in the groove, which is created at the assembly point of the two parts or objects.

These budget-friendly O-rings are used in static and dynamic applications. As the names suggest, a static application involves immovable parts wherein a dynamic application includes parts that have relative motion between them. Let us have a look at different types of O-rings used in static as well as dynamic applications.

O-Rings Used in Static Applications:

Static applications require the seals to keep liquids or dust from entering the surface of objects that are assembled. Here, the O-rings are a part of the first line of defense against gas or fluid leaks. They are also responsible for the prevention of any type of contamination. They can be used in domestic, commercial, as well as industrial applications. Here are the types that are used in static applications:

  • Composite O-rings
  • Teflon Encapsulated O-rings
  • Perfluoroelastomer O-rings
  • Lathe Cut O-rings
  • Rubber O-rings

O-rings Used in Dynamic Applications:

The O-rings used for dynamic seals are responsible for plugging the surface between moving and stationary objects that are assembled together. The common dynamic applications which can be used are rotating shafts and piston rings. Following are the types are utilized for dynamic applications:

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic O-rings
  • Radial lip O-ring
  • Exclusion O-ring
  • Oil sealing O-ring
  • Shims/ insulators
  • U-cup packing O-ring
  • Bearing isolation O-ring
  • Pump seal O-ring
  • V-cup packing O-ring
  • Rotary seal O-ring

O-rings - Static and Dynamic ApplicationsBy selecting the right type of O-ring, you can aptly use them for static or dynamic applications as per your requirement. In order to get superior quality and durability, trust none other than SSP Manufacturing, Inc. We distribute O-rings in standard, metric or custom sizes. To know more, kindly visit our website www.sspseals.com or call us at 888-238-(7325) [Toll Free Number]

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