Everything You Need To Know About FKM Seals

Nov 26, 2020 Industrial seals,Material

FKM seals, also known as fluorocarbon seals are industrial seals made of fluorocarbon elastomer material. Commonly, these seals are used in aviation and aerospace, food and pharmaceutical, semiconductor manufacturing applications, etc.


Nitrile rubber seal

Reasons Behind the Popularity of Nitrile Rubber

Jun 08, 2021 Food Grade Seals,Industrial seals,Mechanical Seals

Nitrile rubber, also referred to as nitrile butadiene rubber or NBR rubber, has been around for many years. Owing to its several beneficial features and properties, the material act as the backbone of the industrial as well as automotive rubber product industries.


How to Augment the Shelf Life of Industrial Seals?

Aug 08, 2022 Industrial seals

Industrial seals are used at the interfaces between components to prevent leakage. There are several types of seals available, each with its own unique construction and usage. Many seals have a limited lifespan, and the shelf life majorly depends on how they are used and stored.


Criteria to Be Considered When Selecting Pharmaceutical Grade Industrial Seal Component

Sep 26, 2019 Industrial seals

The pharmaceutical industry is one such quality conscious sectors that demand creative sealing solutions meeting cleanliness, traceability, and compliance to standards.


Rod Seals – What You Know? What You Don’t?

Oct 03, 2018 Industrial seals,Rod Seals

Industrial seals are popularly used in a wide range of application industries, such as pharmaceutical, automotive, heavy equipment, oil and gas, etc.


7 Applications Areas that Use Industrial Seals

Dec 11, 2017 Industrial seals

Several industrial equipment and machinery often consist of parts, whose one component is static and the other one is rotating. In such cases, there is a risk of creation of an opening between these two components, which can hamper the overall performance of the equipment.


An Introduction to Industrial Seals Used in Power Generation Equipment

Aug 13, 2017 Industrial seals

Seals refer to any adhesive device or material, which joins any two systems together and prevent leakage of fluid under the influence of pressure.


Why PEEK is the Best Material for Manufacturing Industrial Seals ?

Jun 02, 2016 Industrial seals,PEEK

When you speak to a leading industrial seal manufacturer, and ask his opinion of the best sealing material, chances are, he is going to say PEEK (Polyetheretherketone).


Types of Industrial Seals

Nov 12, 2015 Industrial seals

Heavy industries including, mining, construction, energy, and petrochemical are characterized by harsh environments, containing dust, chemicals, solvents, and hydrocarbon solutions.


An Overview of Dynamic Sealing

Jul 13, 2016 Industrial seals

Dynamic seals are the type of seals used to produce a barrier between stationary or moving surfaces in linear, oscillating, and rotary motion applications.