Impact of Custom Industrial Seals and Gaskets on Your Application
Impact of Custom Industrial Seals and Gaskets on Your Application

Impact of Custom Industrial Seals and Gaskets on Your Application

Jul 28, 2023 Industrial seals | Gaskets

Gaskets are used in different applications to create a sealing between two mating surfaces. They are used in various applications such as automobiles, kitchen appliances, machines, and so on. They are available in different designs such as ANSI-flanges, orifice, screen, camlock, bevel-seat, i-line, tri-clamp mini, and so on. Most manufacturers offer standard sized gaskets, but they may not be a perfect fit for all applications. This is where custom gaskets can make a difference. These seals and gaskets are designed based on the requirements for industrial applications. The demand for custom sealing solutions has increased in recent years. What makes these industrial seals and gaskets popular? Read the post to know the answers.

Custom Seals and Gaskets

What Makes Custom Seals and Gaskets Popular?

There are standard off-shelf industrial seals and gaskets; however, custom gaskets stand above them in many ways. 

  • Effective Sealing: These seals and gaskets are designed to fit the devices in a way that enables them to function efficiently. They are designed keeping many small details in mind and leave no scope for functional errors. Several factors are considered when designing these seals, including the type of application, function, regulatory requirements, environment, temperature, substrate, and so on.
Precision Sealing
  • Excellent Quality: When an industrial seal is made to specifications, you can be assured of its quality. When you order customized industrial seal and gaskets, you can choose the material required. If you are unsure of the material, you can discuss with the manufacturer to find the right options for your application. If you are partnering with an experienced sealing solutions manufacturers they can guide you on the material. For instance, silicone, fluorosilicone, neoprene, nitrile, Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Methylene (EPDM), butyl, Fluoroelastomer, and so on are some common materials used for making these gaskets. Every material has a unique property, which can be advantageous for some applications and unsuitable for others. For instance, gaskets made of fluorosilicone are known to possess excellent chemical resistance. Thus, they are suitable for sealing applications where toxic oils and fuels may be involved or applications where the devices using these seals may be exposed to high temperatures. Fluorosilicone gaskets are more expensive than silicone gaskets and are usually used for fuel delivery in aerospace and automotive environments. However, these gaskets may not be appropriate for sealing applications involving ketones, amines, and hydrazine. Similarly, the butyl gaskets and seals can resist oils and chemicals. They resist moisture and help avoid the escape of gases in the sealing application. These gaskets generally find applications in the aerospace and medical sectors. However, these gaskets are not suited for automotive applications.
Quality Sealing
  • Helps Save on Effort, Time, and Money: Yes, that’s true! If you are working with standard off-the-shelf sealing products, you end up spending time, effort, and money in finding the best seal. Even if you find one, you may spend more time testing and analyzing it. However, in the case of custom seals and gaskets for industrial applications, you can be assured of their fitment in the existing systems. The chances of failure or non-functioning are rare. This is because many experienced sealing solution providers test these seals in simulated environments to ensure their performance. As a result, you save on efforts, time, and money in the long run.
  • Helps Ensure Safe and Productive Workplaces:  Safety is a key concern in any industrial facility. Using improper sealing solutions has been one of the major causes of workplace accidents worldwide. One example is the rupturing and leakage of the E-6600E heat exchanger in Tesoro refinery in Anacortes on April 2, 2010. Naphtha and highly flammable hydrogen were released from the exchanger, causing a high explosion and fire breakout injuring several people. This incident was analyzed by several safety organizations in the US and worldwide, such as the Chemical Safety Board (CSB), which in its report pointed the absence of proper seals and sealing mechanisms as one of the major causes of the accident. Thus, to avoid accidents and legal consequences, OEMs can always depend on custom gaskets. These gaskets properly affix to the device and ensure their proper functioning, thus preventing malfunctioning of devices.
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Custom industrial seals and gaskets are useful in several ways. Both these items offer several benefits such as reliability, cost-effectiveness, increased safety, improved efficiency, etc. However, to realize their benefits, you can always partner with trusted manufacturers like SSP Seals. Being an FDA-approved custom seals and gaskets manufacturer, the company has had the privilege of working on some of the challenging, yet prestigious projects in the US. The company has been delivering custom seals and gaskets for industrial applications, since its inception. Do you have specific custom gasket requirements? You can easily get in touch with the experts at the company and share your requirements. They will guide you on the choice of material, dimensions, environmental parameters, and so on.
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