Criteria to Be Considered When Selecting Pharmaceutical Grade Industrial Seal Component
Criteria to Be Considered When Selecting Pharmaceutical Grade Industrial Seal Component

Criteria to Be Considered When Selecting Pharmaceutical Grade Industrial Seal Component

Sep 26, 2019 Industrial seals | Material

The pharmaceutical industry is one such quality conscious sectors that demand creative sealing solutions meeting cleanliness, traceability, and compliance to standards. Opting for the right industrial seals not only enhances the product quality or shelf life, but also avoids the formation of deposits that lead to cross-contamination. Made to satisfy all applicable hygienic requirements, pharmaceutical grade industrial seal component demonstrates high end mechanical performance and chemical resistance. This post discusses characteristics that you must look for when choosing industrial seals for the pharmaceutical sector.

3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Pharmaceutical Grade Industrial Seal Component

3 Things to Look upon When Choosing Pharmaceutical Grade Industrial Seal Component

As mentioned earlier, industrial seal quality affects pharmaceutical products’ purity and hence choosing the right seals are critical. In addition to meeting the technical requirements, industrial seals meant for the pharmaceutical industry must also:

  1. Made from Qualified Materials: Industrial seal components when used for pharmaceutical applications come in regular contact with several kinds of process media and potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), among others. Hence, it is extremely important to get the seals manufactured from the highest-performing elastomers such as Virgin PTFE, Polyurethane, EPDM, Silicone and Viton.
  2. Meet Cleanliness Requirements: As mentioned earlier, in order to maintain high qualitative standard of the product/processes, it is advisable to use seals that can withstand varied range of sanitary, and sterile processes. The pharmaceutical grade seals must withstand frequent cleaning using water and solvent flush, or other chemical solvents to ensure that harmful organisms have been purged from all surfaces.
  3. Compliant to Quality Standards: The mechanical seals for the pharmaceutical sector must be designed and manufactured following several quality standards. A few amongst the popular standards the pharmaceutical grade industrial seals must be compliant to include Federal Drug Administration FDA and United States Pharmacopeia compliant, among others.

The other points that must be evaluated include:

  • The rate of chemical degradation of the sealing materials
  • Thermal stability at high temperatures
  • Dry running possibility

In order to guarantee maximum functionality of the pharmaceutical industry’s processing procedures and performance of equipment like vertical and horizontal agitator, mixers, centrifugal pumps, it is inevitable to invest on the right kind of industrial seal component. Getting this item from qualified and leading manufacturers also holds utmost importance as they take ultimately responsible for the quality of the products they offer. Additionally, leading manufacturers also bring you customized industrial seals considering the nature of applications, area of usage, and intended application period, among others. One such industrial seal manufacturer with whom you can undoubtedly start business is SSP Seals. The firm is known to offer premium quality FDA compliant seals that are specifically engineered to handle the specialized and hygiene requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

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