Why PEEK is the Best Material for Manufacturing Industrial Seals ?
Why PEEK is the Best Material for Manufacturing Industrial Seals ?

Why PEEK is the Best Material for Manufacturing Industrial Seals ?

Jun 02, 2016 Industrial seals | Material | PEEK

When you speak to a leading industrial seal manufacturer, and ask his opinion of the best sealing material, chances are, he is going to say PEEK (Polyetheretherketone). When it comes industrial polymers, PEEK is known for its excellent performance and durability. However, should you as a customer choose PEEK as well? What makes this polymer so different from the others? The answers you seek are provided in the points below.

A Brief Look at PEEK’s Beneficial Characteristics

Polyetheretherketone is an organic thermoplastic polymer. It comprises a semi-crystalline structure, which combined with its organic nature, gives it a strong chemical structure. The primary benefits of this material come from its properties.

  • Resistant to a Wide Range of Chemicals:PEEK has the ability to perform even in the toughest chemical environments. It is capable of resisting more than 140 types of acids, oils, liquids, salts, and elements.
  • Immense Temperature Resistance:The polymer has a high melting point at 662 o Hence, it can operate in applications with temperatures up to 482 °F easily. So, if you require a poly product that can stand high levels of heat, PEEK is the material to choose.
  • Extended Resistance to Hydrolysis Process:Hydrolysis refers to the chemical process where water is added to a substance. Due to the previously mentioned characteristics, PEEK has the capability to withstand exposure to steam and water for long periods of time without degrading.
  • Great Durability:Physically, PEEK is tough, stiff, and extremely strong. It has the capability to provide friction if necessary, and can perform for long periods of time without suffering from wear and tear.
  • Manufacturing Flexibility: As a material, polyetheretherketone is also ideal for plastic injection molding and machining. A variety of industrial components and products can be produced using this polymer.

These various reasons prove the popularity of PEEK among seal manufacturers. Most seal producers always suggest PEEK as the material for seals that are used in extremely harsh application industries. These include oil and gas, mining, aerospace, heavy equipment, and renewable energy.

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