Types of Industrial Seals
Types of Industrial Seals

Types of Industrial Seals

Nov 12, 2015 Industrial seals | Oil Seals

Heavy industries including, mining, construction, energy, and petrochemical are characterized by harsh environments, containing dust, chemicals, solvents, and hydrocarbon solutions.

For such hostile environments, industries require reliable sealing solutions for rotating, reciprocating, static applications, among many others.

Many manufacturers offer several types of industrial seals to best match the industry specific applications of customers. This blog discusses a few of them in brief.

Industrial Seals – A Necessity across Industries

Heavy industries need different types of sealing solutions to get their job done successfully. The following listed are the widely used industrial seals.

  • O-Rings – It is a doughnut-shaped seal employed for a wide range of static and dynamic applications. They are extremely reliable, inexpensive, and feature simple installation. They are made of polyurethane, silicone, neoprene, nitrile rubber or fluorocarbon. Designed to be sealed in a groove or housing, these rings ensure tight seal between two objects. They can withstand temperature extremes and pressure differentials.
  • Piston Seals – Commonly used with hydraulic cylinders for effective fluid sealing. The seals are available in a wide range of specifications for ultimate leakage control. They are known for their reliable operation over a wide range of temperatures, excellent resistance to wear and tear, and unfailing service for long years.
  • Rotary Seals – They are designed for applications that rotate, move or frequently vibrate. They are generally used to seal components used in submarines, oil tankers, windmills, steel mills, paper mills, refineries, and automobiles. They are exclusively designed to withstand the unfavorable conditions in the application areas.
  • Oil Seals – They are ideally used for sealing parts of gearboxes and hydraulic cylinders. Once these seals are mounted in the applications, they completely protect the machinery from contaminants from entering inside.

Other than these industrial seals, quad rings, square rings, lip seals, shaft seals, back up rings, and u-cups seals are available to ensure effective sealing of components. Each seal exhibits specific attributes.

Hence, the selection of the seal must be depended on the nature of applications, area of usage, and intended application period, among others.

Have a word with the manufacturer about your requirements. He or she will suggest you the right industrial seals that perform exceptionally well in your applications.

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