7 Applications Areas that Use Industrial Seals
7 Applications Areas that Use Industrial Seals

7 Applications Areas that Use Industrial Seals

Dec 11, 2017 Industrial seals

Several industrial equipment and machinery often consist of parts, whose one component is static and the other one is rotating. In such cases, there is a risk of creation of an opening between these two components, which can hamper the overall performance of the equipment. Industrial seals are mainly used for sealing this opening. This helps save considerably on the energy costs. Different types of high-quality seals are used in a wide range of industries. Thus, seals play a vital role in a number of industrial applications. Would you like to know the applications that use industrial seals? Please read the following post to know what all applications make use of industrial seals and how.

What are the Various Application Areas of Industrial Seals?

Industrial seals have a huge list of benefits, and this makes them ideal for use in a number of industries and applications. The following are some common application areas, which use industrial seals:


  1. Textile Manufacturing: Various types of industrial seals are used in textile manufacturing industries. Some most commonly used types include mechanical seals, shaft seals, Teflon seals, and several others. High-performance polymers are used in the construction of these seals, which make them suitable for constant rotation of air rams, and compact spinning.
  2. Die Casters: Die caster is an equipment, which is used for metal casting process. Industrial seals are also used in this application, in order to prevent any leakage, and provide proper sealing to the equipment.
  3. Cheese Manufacturing: Yes, you read that right. Even the cheese manufacturing industry makes use of different types of industrial seals, in order to carry out the processes efficiently. Spring and energized seals, and pneumatic seals are some types of seals that are majorly used in this industry.
  4. Farm & Agricultural Equipment: The farm and agricultural equipment are often exposed to UV rays, and various weather conditions. Thus, they may get contaminated from the surrounding things. The seals are used to protect these equipment from any potential harm. This helps increase their productivity. The single acting hydraulic seals are used in those equipment, which are used for tasks, such as harvesting, threshing, etc.
  5. Printers in Publishing Industry: Several parts of machines used in the publishing industry are made from polyurethanes and rubber materials, which are capable of delivering high performance. The packaging machines and printing presses in the publishing industry use Teflon seals for a better performance.
  6. Concrete Pumping: Specially designed seals are used in the concrete pumping equipment. This helps prevent the formation of dangerous blockages that may occur if the pump is not set properly.
  7. Automobile Industry: Seals are used in vehicles, in order to prevent leakages. Seals made from sound absorbing materials, such as rubber and polyurethane are used in this industry. This helps in achieving compressed air savings.

These are just a few most common application areas of industrial seals. It won’t be wrong in saying that seals are among the most important components used in several applications in different industries. They are extremely crucial products, and thus should always be bought from trusted, experienced, and well-known manufacturers and suppliers. SSP Manufacturing, inc. is one such leading industrial seals manufacturer in the US.

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