How to Maximize Profit Margins with Custom Seals and Gaskets for Industrial Applications
How to Maximize Profit Margins with Custom Seals and Gaskets for Industrial Applications

How to Maximize Profit Margins with Custom Seals & Gaskets for Industrial Applications

Oct 26, 2023 Industrial seals | Oil Seals | Gaskets
Industrial seals and gaskets are components that help prevent contaminants or leaks in industrial machinery. There is an abundance of variety when it comes to these sealing solutions. Although designed for challenging work environments, not all seals and gaskets are made the same or maybe a perfect fit for your machinery. This is where custom industrial seals and gaskets can make a difference. They help ensure seamless operations across industries and offer several benefits to users. How? Read this post to know the answers.

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Top Five Ways Custom Gaskets Can Save Business Time and Money
As the name suggests, custom industrial seals and gaskets are designed to specifications, and there are several perks of having them in your machinery or equipment. Here are five benefits of how they can optimize your business profits.

  1. Precision Fit and Installation: Custom gaskets are made to fit your machinery or applications precisely. You may experience sizing problems when using off-the-shelf gaskets and this may cause delays and mistakes. However, when using custom gaskets, you need not worry about time-consuming installation tweaks or alterations. By offering a precise fit, your issues get resolved and thus, it cuts down on installation time.

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  2. Safety: This has been a big concern in industrial facilities worldwide. Despite manufacturing facilities in the US adhering to OSHA guidelines, many incidents of safety concerns arising due to improper sealing have been reported. The explosion at a refinery in Anacortes, Washington was one such instance. Rupturing of the heat exchanger and absence of proper sealing were identified as the two major causes of the accidents. Although sealing is a broad concept, manufacturing facilities can avoid safety concerns by choosing custom gaskets and sealing solutions. They form a reliable barrier against gas or fluid escape and minimize the risk of hazardous leaks that can harm the environment or compromise workplace safety.

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  3. Improved Performance and Longevity: While customizing the industrial seals and gaskets as per your requirement, you can choose the materials that are compatible with the specific conditions of your application. They can be designed considering compatibility with various factors such as pressure, temperature, and chemical compatibility. They consequently enhance the functionality of your equipment, resulting in greater energy economy, less wear and tear, and a longer equipment lifespan. Over time, this results in considerable cost savings on maintenance and replacement.

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  4. Cost Effective: While customization in seals for industrial applications may have higher upfront costs than the standard ones, they frequently result in substantial long-term savings. Your application is optimized for custom gaskets, which lowers material costs, maintenance costs, and downtime. Adding to this, improved workplace safety would mean improved productivity and reduced leaves of absenteeism or lowered financial responsibilities for employers, which ultimately translates into cost savings and improved profit margins.
  5. Environmental Protection: Custom seals and gaskets help ensure environmental protection by preventing the leakage of harmful fluids. This is a matter of importance for chemical plants where different machines are used during processes.
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The above discussed are only a few benefits of choosing custom industrial seals and gaskets. However, you can realize more by sourcing them from a trusted manufacturer like SSP Seals. The company provides FDA-approved custom seals and gaskets for applications that demand high safety, integrity, and effectiveness. Do you also have any particular needs for customized gaskets? Feel free to contact the experts at SSP Seals. They will answer your queries and work closely with you to design custom industrial seals and gaskets that ensure safety, profits, and improved efficiency.


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