Sealing Solutions for the Food and Beverages Industry
Sealing Solutions for the Food and Beverages Industry

Sealing Solutions for the Food and Beverages Industry

Jul 10, 2014 Food Grade Seals

The food and beverages industry relies on worthy and high quality packaging as well as sealing solutions to protect the edibles from contamination and other unfriendly environmental factors. The sealing requirements of food products and beverages are highly specific and thus one has to be very precise in providing the packaging solutions.

The food grade seals need to conform to the stringent FDA (Food and Drug Administration) rules and regulations. Three most important factors that are to be taken into consideration while choosing the sealing solutions for food and beverages industry are:

  • Hygiene
  • Compactness of the package
  • Portability

Safety of Sealed Food: An Important Aspect

Sealed food items like a bag of chips or flour and bottles of beverages are usually stored and transported before they reach the consumer. Thus it is important that the sealed food remains safe and fit for consumption for a desired period of time. Any inferior sealing or packaging solution will lead to the spoiling of edibles leading to health issues.

High quality O-rings, gaskets, rubber molded seals, etc. are highly efficient sealing solutions for the food and beverages industry.

Trust SSP Manufacturing Inc. for your Food and Beverages Industry Sealing Requirements

SSP Manufacturing Inc. is a reputed name in the industry when it comes to sealing solutions. Our Premium Quality Food Grade Seals are ideal for packaging edibles in a safe and hygienic manner.  Some of our most trusted sealing products are:

Sealing Solutions

Our highly experienced designing team puts extensive efforts to develop sealing solutions that are compact, user-friendly, and compliant to the safety and hygiene regulations of the FDA. We sterilize the packaging material in autoclaves to avoid any plausible contamination. With our products, you can be assured of ruggedness as well as durability.

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