World Class Food Grade Seals from SSP Seals
World Class Food Grade Seals from SSP Seals

World Class Food Grade Seals from SSP Seals

Aug 26, 2014 Food Grade Seals | Oil Seals | Gaskets

The food and beverage industry requires the use of sealing products for a variety of static and dynamic applications. These sealing products have to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The reason for this is that all products used in the food and beverage production process have to meet all compliance of safety, hygiene, and durability. This includes food grade seals, o-rings, gaskets, and rubber components.

Choose SSP Seals for FDA Approved Sealing Products

SSP Seals is the leading name for providing premium quality and FDA compliant food grade seals. Each product is specifically designed and engineered to handle and protect a variety of liquid products.

At SSP Seals, we provide a variety of FDA approved specialized inflatable seals, o-rings, gaskets, food grade elastomers, and custom rubber molded seals. We even have the capabilities to design custom seals and gaskets to meet various F&B applications.

Food Grade Seal Features and Benefits

We utilize a variety of FDA compliant materials to create products that meet national and international standards. Some of the popular materials offered by us include Viton, EPDM, Silicone, Buna, Virgin PTFE, and Polyurethane. Customers rely on SSP Seals’ products thanks to the following solution driven features and advantages:

  • The products provide excellent wear resistance in various applications.
  • Our products can be designed in standard as well as metric sizes.
  • We utilize autoclave materials to ensure that they will not only work under extreme manufacturing conditions, but will also stand up to aggressive cleaning solutions.
  • Be it food and beverage or even pharmaceutical, our sealing products can provide optimum performance even in high temperature conditions.
  • We also provide specialized solutions to aid processes such as product filling, fluid transfer, and fluid dispersion.
  • For agricultural applications, we provide custom seals that are capable of meeting the needs of specialized pump components.

Food Grade Seals

With SSP Seals, you can be assured of receiving world class food grade sealing solutions time and again.

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