Getting to Know Your Plastic – Rulon Filled PTFE
Getting to Know Your Plastic – Rulon Filled PTFE

Getting to Know Your Plastic – Rulon Filled PTFE

Jan 16, 2017 Gaskets | PTFE

In the recent years, various synthetic polymers have gained popularity for specific characteristics, and are fast becoming replacements for the metals in industrial applications. Polytetrafluoroethylene, abbreviated as PTFE is one such synthetic polymer, which is used in various industrial applications. One of the well-known brand products for PTFE is Rulon. These proprietary, and reinforced PTFE compounds are developed by Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics. Rulon filled PTFE compounds are designed for extreme environments, and are used for bearings, and seals. If you are keen to know more about their properties, grades, and applications keep reading the post.

Introduction to Rulon Filled PTFE and their Properties

The Rulon Family of PTFE compounds is valued for the combination of several properties that they offer. These properties are as follow:

  • Excellent corrosion, abrasion, chemical, weather, wear, and fatigue resistance
  • High compressive strength
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Ability to perform in high and low-temperature extremes – -400°F to +500°F (-240°C to +260°C) without or with additional lubricants
  • No erratic motion at low speeds ( absence of slip-stick)
  • Excellent durability, and electrical properties
  • Excellent impact absorption properties
  • Excellent impact absorption properties

Understanding Grades of Rulon 

Rulon is developed in various grades to meet diverse industrial requirements. Following are some of the popular grades:

  • Rulon LR: This is the most popular reinforced PTFE compound grade. Available in maroon color, the compound provides excellent wear and tear resistance. There is a high demand for Rulon bearings made from this compound.
  • Rulon J: This grade is ideal for metallic surfaces made from aluminum, brass, as well as non-ferrous mating surfaces. This PTFE grade has the lowest coefficient of friction, and excellent wear, tear, and abrasion resistance.  Rulon J bearings or seals are not recommended for oxidizing or alkaline environments.
  • Rulon AR: This grade is known for its load-carrying capabilities, and provides high wear resistance, and possess excellent electric insulation. This maroon colored compound is comprised of ceramic fillers, which makes it ideal for harder mating surfaces.
  • Rulon 641: This grade is distinguished by its white color, and it can perform in non-lubricating conditions. This FDA approved grade is ideal for drug and food applications.
  • Rulon 142: The maroon colored Rulon is designed for heavy loads. Rulon bearings made from this grade are used in heavy equipment, slideways in machine tools, and more. The Rulon has a low coefficient of friction, excellent heat dissipation properties, and can be bonded to steel substrate through the adhesive bonding on one side.
  • Rulon 123: This FDA compliant material is distinguished by its black color, and ideal for submerged applications, and non-ferrous surfaces.

Applications of Rulon PTFE Compounds

We have already discussed the Rulon bearings and seals. However, there are several other applications such as the ones below:

  • Arc shields in railroad cars
  • Wear strips
  • Prototype machined parts
  • Metal forming pads
  • Cutting surfaces
  • Gaskets
  • Roller Covers
  • Cutting Surfaces
  • Cutting Surfaces

If you are looking for Rulon bearings for your industrial applications, you can consider SSP Manufacturing, Inc. The organization provides FDA approved seals for various industrial applications.

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