Know the Importance of Using Rotary or Shaft Seals
Know the Importance of Using Rotary or Shaft Seals

Know the Importance of Using Rotary or Shaft Seals

Sep 20, 2022 Rubber Seals | LIP Seals
Motion, speed, and force are various aspects which influence the performance or functioning of industrial machinery. Many processes require rotation, oscillating movements, hydraulics and so on to get various outputs. Here, it is essential that the machines or equipment which rotate or oscillate are not only well connected to the concerned fixed portions of the machinery but also are well lubricated and do not cause friction. Also, these parts may be exposed to certain environmental parameters such as moisture, dust, and so on, which also needs to be prevented. Rotary shaft seals or rotary seals eliminate this issue by keeping these parts and bearings lubricated and hence increasing their operational life. This post discusses the details of these rotary seals and more.  

What Are Rotary Seals?

Also known as lip seals, these are ideal seals for rotating equipment. They seal these rotating parts such as rotating bores, strut seals, hydraulic pumps, and so on. A rotary seal comprises a sealing lip, a garter spring, and a metal case. The sturdiness of the metal offers rigidity and a firm fix to the connecting components. The lip seal is elastomeric performs the actual sealing function. The garter spring offers the required flexibility of movement and quite complements the lip seal. This is a basic design which can be customized to suit specific requirements. These seals are extremely versatile can be made of a variety of materials ranging from hard metals to plastic. The most common materials are steel, brass, silicone rubber, and EPDM. There are many processes or applications where a certain level of pressure and temperature needs to be maintained. In such cases, radial lip seals are used. Rotary seals for vacuum and pressure applications have a slightly different design which does not usually include a spring. Vacuum pumps are a major application area for these seals.

Functioning and Benefits of Rotary Shaft Seals

  • A seal prevents friction and wear and tear of the equipment. A well lubricated equipment can function for several years.
  • Especially in vacuum applications, a seal prevents the outside air from entering into the inner pipes or chambers.
  • In most other applications, it prevents contamination and exposure to environmental elements.
  • In pumping applications, where various types of fluids are transported, seals prevent leakage or spilling of any fluid outside.

Industrial Applications of Rotary Seals

These seals find application in almost all industries, especially where rotating, agitating, or oscillating movements are crucial. Here are some of the applications areas:
  1. Food and beverages
  2. Water and wastewater
  3. Chemicals
  4. Oil & gas
  5. Boiler and heater applications
  6. Cement
  7. Mining
  8. Paper & pulp

If you are an OEM who needs seals for oscillating parts or seals for rotating equipment, ensure you source them from reliable players who can cater well to your requirements. SSP Manufacturing Inc. offers a huge variety of seals and gaskets and has been there in the industry for close to 30 years.

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