Why Do People Think Metal Detectable Gaskets are a Good Idea?
Why Do People Think Metal Detectable Gaskets are a Good Idea?

Why Do People Think Metal Detectable Gaskets are a Good Idea?

Jan 16, 2018 Gaskets | Metal Detectable Gaskets

The packaged food, which you consume in your everyday life undergoes a number of processing steps. The food and beverages industry implements different types of machinery to carry out diverse processes. Same is the case with the pharmaceutical industry.

These machines use components like gaskets, and seals, which may erode over extensive use, and its particles can enter the products. Without beating around the bush, let us come straight to the question – would you dare consume a product (food, beverage, or medicine), which is contaminated by the components of the industrial machinery? The answer’s quite obvious, right? So, this whole idea of contaminated end products led to the invention of a special component, which has the capability to prevent this contamination – the METAL DETECTABLE SEAL.

Now that you know the reason for introducing these novel components in the machinery. But what are these seals actually? Since, you have read the post till this point, you are curious about the whole concept of the metal detectable seals, and their benefits. Go on reading this post, and you’ll get all the necessary information related to these revolutionary products.

Regular rubber seals used in the food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries undergo excessive wear and tear, due to the daily abuse. The seals start disintegrating, and produce small rubber particles. These rubber particles infiltrate food products, thus contaminating them. Also, detection of these particles can be a costly and time consuming affair. All this can be easily avoided by using metal detectable seals. As their name suggests, these seals can be easily detected by the metal detectors at an earlier stage, if they enter the product.

The Many Benefits of Using Metal Detectable Seals

FDA is very particular about the quality of products, components, and equipment used in the food and beverages industry. These metal detectable seals comply with all the FDA regulations, and thus, are being used increasingly. Apart from this, there are many benefits, which have contributed to the popularity of these seals in the food and beverages, and pharmaceutical industries.

  1. They are specially designed seals, which are suited for microbial, mechanical, and high-temperature applications.
  2. The particles of these seals can be easily detected by the metal detectors before the products are packaged. Particles as small as 2mm in size can be easily detected.
  3. The earlier detection of the seal fragments helps save potential costs brought by factors like product recall and production downtime.
  4. These seals enable food and beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturers to avoid distributing contaminated products, and upkeep their quality commitments.
  5. The metal detection seals can be availed in a variety of elastomer options, including EPDM, Silicone (VQM), fluoroelastomer (FKM/ Viton®), and black and blue nitrile rubber (NBR).
  6. These seals can be used efficiently with standard OEM equipment.

Thus, these seals help prevent the market share, and turnover from going down, thereby maintaining the image of the food or pharmaceutical manufacturer. You can get more information on the topic by talking to expert manufacturers of metal detection seals. One such expert is SSP Manufacturing, which has been in this business for several years now, and can guide you in selecting the best seals for your applications.

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