Secure Connections with FDA O-Rings

How to Choose the Best O-Ring for Your FDA Applications

Oct 03, 2023 Materials,FDA O-Rings,PTFE,Silicone

O-rings are resilient seals used in various applications across food and drug manufacturing, and packaging applications. These rings are used in valves, pumps, and other manufacturing equipment, where they create effective sealing. They ensure leak-free connections and prevent contamination, which a...


Know About Phthalate-Free Materials Used in O-Rings and Gaskets

Jan 31, 2019 Phthalate Free Seals,Materials

Phthalates are the most common characterized family of chemicals used in several food products, cosmetics, and home improvement products.


Sanitary Gaskets Material

What are the Most Commonly Used Materials in Sanitary Gaskets?

Jun 13, 2018 Gaskets,Materials,PTFE

Sanitary gaskets are used in a variety of applications. The main objective of these products is to form a seal clamp connection. Based on the application or industry they are used, these gaskets can have different shapes, and sizes.


PTFE Seals

Why are PTFE seals favored in the Food Industry?

Apr 05, 2018 Materials,PTFE

With plastic being one of the successful commercial materials, there are abundant varieties available for consideration in the food industry. Although many of these varieties share common properties, still not all are suited for the said industry.


What You Should Know About 4 FDA-Grade O-ring Materials?

Aug 16, 2017 Materials,FDA O-Rings

A wide variety of processing equipment in the food and pharmaceutical industries use seals like any other manufacturing equipment. O-rings are one such type of mechanical seals that are used by food manufacturing industries.


6 Reasons that Explain Why Silicone Seals are used in Food Service Equipment

Oct 24, 2016 Materials,Silicone

Nowadays, the use of silicone has increased owing to its properties that are conducive for different industries. The food and beverage industry is not an exception to this. Silicone seals are increasingly finding their applications in food service equipment.


Why is Seal and Gasket Material Traceability Important for the Automobile Industry?

Aug 30, 2016 Gaskets,Materials

Component traceability has become an important area in the automotive industry. It has helped either reduce many incidents of component failure, or product recall. Industrial seals and gaskets are among those products that come under scrutiny when it comes to product and material traceability.


The 5 Common Synesthetic Sealing Element (Lip) Materials for Automotive Oil Seals

Feb 15, 2016 Oil Seals,Materials,Silicone

Automotive oil seals can be produced using a wide range of sealing lip materials.


4 - Sealing Materials that are Ideal for High Temperature Applications

Jul 20, 2016 Materials,PTFE,Silicone

Industrial seals are designed to prevent leakage, while helping to combine systems or mechanisms together.


What is FDA CFR 21 177.2600 and Why is it Important for Your Food Processing Business ?

Jun 24, 2016 Gaskets,Materials,FDA O-Rings

Food product manufacturers are very particular about standards put in place by the FDA and other governing agencies.


Testing Elastomer Materials for Potable Water Systems

Mar 01, 2016 Oil Seals,Gaskets,Materials

Potable water systems are designed to transport drinking water over many miles of pipelines, pumps, and valves to reach your home.


Choosing Polyurethane or Silicone Foam Rubbers for Gasket Construction

Dec 29, 2015 Gaskets,Materials,Silicone

When designing custom gaskets, polyurethane and silicone foam rubber are popular options among customers.


5 Material Choices for Manufacturing High Temperature Gaskets

Nov 17, 2015 Gaskets,Materials,PTFE,Silicone

Industrial gaskets are used in a variety of industrial applications, which contain temperatures exceeding 750 oF.


The Legal History of Determination of Elastomer Shelf Life

Jun 04, 2015 Oil Seals,Materials

Elastomers used in critical applications like seals determine the life of an application.


Importance of FDA Approved O-Rings in F&B and Pharmaceutical Industries

Sep 15, 2015 Material,Materials

Several organizations require FDA approved O-rings to be used in their applications.