Quad O-Rings

Quad O-Rings: 5 Reasons for Popularity Analyzed

Jun 01, 2023 Rod Seals,FDA O-Rings

A quad O-ring is a is a four-lobed rubber seal used in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Featuring four concentric rings, these O-rings are used to seal around a shaft or rod. These rings are typically made from elastomeric materials such as nitrile or neoprene. They are often used in applications wh...


Industrial Seals and Gaskets

Industrial Seals and Gaskets; Major Types and Uses Explained

Oct 19, 2022 Industrial seals,Oil Seals,Gaskets,Rod Seals,LIP Seals

Industrial seals and gaskets are the terms that are generally used interchangeably as they perform similar functions in preventing leaks in applications. However, there are some key differences between the two that many users are unaware of. Since both seals and gaskets find immense applications in ...


Piston and Rod Seals

A Guide on Wear-Resistant Guide Rings for Piston and Rod Seals

Mar 08, 2021 Rod Seals,Mechanical Seals

Wear-resistant guide rings are the friction-resistant guiding elements, which are inserted between the piston and rod, thus, they are also known as piston guide rings. These piston guide rings are made from various materials, in various dimensions and specifications.


Rod Seals – What You Know? What You Don’t?

Oct 03, 2018 Industrial seals,Rod Seals

Industrial seals are popularly used in a wide range of application industries, such as pharmaceutical, automotive, heavy equipment, oil and gas, etc.


Guide to Different Types of O-ring Applications

Nov 28, 2017 Rod Seals,FDA O-Rings

The O-ring is one of the important and simplest types of seals used in various dynamic, as well as static applications. It basically comprises of a cross-section, which is designed into a groove. This cross section provides an initial compression.