Get Introduced to a Few Popular Hydraulic Seal Materials

Nov 13, 2020 Rubber Seals,Material,PTFE

An overview of the popular hydraulic seal materials and their properties. Owing to advanced plastic and polymer technologies, it is easy to find hydraulic seals in a variety of materials.


Industrial Gaskets

Get to Know About the Top Performing Materials for Industrial Gasket Making

Jul 07, 2022 Material,Gaskets,PTFE

Industrial gaskets are the most important components used for sealing the gap between two moving objects to make them airtight, liquid-tight or dust-tight. Owing to several benefits of these gaskets, they have become a must-have part of most industrial machinery and equipment.


Secure Connections with FDA O-Rings

How to Choose the Best O-Ring for Your FDA Applications

Oct 03, 2023 Materials,FDA O-Rings,PTFE,Silicone

O-rings are resilient seals used in various applications across food and drug manufacturing, and packaging applications. These rings are used in valves, pumps, and other manufacturing equipment, where they create effective sealing. They ensure leak-free connections and prevent contamination, which a...


Sanitary Gaskets

A Guide to Choose between Sanitary Screen Gaskets and Orifice Gaskets

Mar 29, 2019 Gaskets,PTFE

Sanitary gaskets are a great solution to many applications demanding long-term sealability, excellent wear performance, and most importantly where sanitation and a higher level of chemical compatibility is required.


Sanitary Gaskets Material

What are the Most Commonly Used Materials in Sanitary Gaskets?

Jun 13, 2018 Gaskets,Materials,PTFE

Sanitary gaskets are used in a variety of applications. The main objective of these products is to form a seal clamp connection. Based on the application or industry they are used, these gaskets can have different shapes, and sizes.


PTFE Seals

Why are PTFE seals favored in the Food Industry?

Apr 05, 2018 Materials,PTFE

With plastic being one of the successful commercial materials, there are abundant varieties available for consideration in the food industry. Although many of these varieties share common properties, still not all are suited for the said industry.


Getting to Know Your Plastic – Rulon Filled PTFE

Jan 16, 2017 Gaskets,PTFE

In the recent years, various synthetic polymers have gained popularity for specific characteristics, and are fast becoming replacements for the metals in industrial applications. Polytetrafluoroethylene, abbreviated as PTFE is one such synthetic polymer, which is used in various industrial applicati...


Basic Requirements and Tips for Choosing and Using Oil Seals

Nov 23, 2015 Oil Seals,PTFE,Silicone

The oil and gas industry comprises some of the most dangerous applications. It involves the use of aggressive chemicals, such as amines, sour oil and gas, hydrocarbons, and polar solvents.


4 - Sealing Materials that are Ideal for High Temperature Applications

Jul 20, 2016 Materials,PTFE,Silicone

Industrial seals are designed to prevent leakage, while helping to combine systems or mechanisms together.


5 Material Choices for Manufacturing High Temperature Gaskets

Nov 17, 2015 Gaskets,Materials,PTFE,Silicone

Industrial gaskets are used in a variety of industrial applications, which contain temperatures exceeding 750 oF.


The Importance of FDA Approved O-rings

Sep 23, 2014 FDA O-Rings,PTFE

O-rings are elastomer mechanical gaskets that are designed to be placed in the groove of a machine component.


O Rings

Get a Superior Edge in Manufacturing Processes with FDA Approved O-rings

Mar 04, 2014 Material,FDA O-Rings,PTFE

When it comes to manufacturing processes in industries like pharmaceutical and food and beverage