Which is the Best Material for Your Oil Seal?
Which is the Best Material for Your Oil Seal?

Which is the Best Material for Your Oil Seal?

May 03, 2017 Oil Seals | Material | Silicone

An oil seal is basically a simple device, which is used to stop dirt, dust, water, and other contaminants from entering the shaft equipment. It is also known by other names like elastomeric lip seal, lip seal, shaft seal, or rotary shaft seal. The seal, while doing its job, helps retain the lubrication of a rotary shaft equipment. These seals are mainly used to protect the bearings used in a rotating shaft.

Materials Used to Make Oil Seals:

Oil seals can be made from a vast range of materials depending upon the application. Some common materials used to manufacture oil seals include:

  1. Silicone: The widest range of operating temperature range is provided by silicone compounds. They offer an amazing temperature range from -90°F to 340°F. Nonetheless, in dry running conditions, these compounds do not perform well. It is always advisable to avoid the usage of silicone compounds with oxidized oils and EP (Extreme Pressure) compounds.Silicone
  2. Viton®: Viton® compounds are said to offer the widest operating temperature range varying from 40°F to 400°F. These are considered as the premium materials for the lip seals. In addition to this, these compounds are highly resistant to chemicals and abrasion. These qualities help Viton® deliver better good performance. Unlike silicone compounds, Viton® performs well in dry running applications.
  3. Nitrile Buna-N: Most companies consider Nitrile Buna-N 70 durometer compound to be the perfect material for oil seals. The compound has several benefits, which makes it the first choice of material in a wide range of applications. Oils seals that are made from this material have a wide operating temperature range from -65°F to 250°F. In addition to this, this material is compatible to work with water, as well as common mineral oil and greases.nitrile buna N

Above mentioned are some materials used for manufacturing oil seals. Each material has its own set of pros and cons. Therefore, selection of materials should be made on the basis of the application. There are quite a variety of materials to choose from. If you find it tricky to select the right material for oil seals, you can always ask an expert. SSP Manufacturing, Inc. is one such expert in manufacturing oil seals in the USA. Please contact us by Phone: +1-888-238-7325 or email rrom@sspseals.com with any questions.

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