Get Introduced to a Few Popular Hydraulic Seal Materials

Nov 13, 2020 Rubber Seals,Material,PTFE

An overview of the popular hydraulic seal materials and their properties. Owing to advanced plastic and polymer technologies, it is easy to find hydraulic seals in a variety of materials.


Everything You Need To Know About FKM Seals

Nov 26, 2020 Industrial seals,Material

FKM seals, also known as fluorocarbon seals are industrial seals made of fluorocarbon elastomer material. Commonly, these seals are used in aviation and aerospace, food and pharmaceutical, semiconductor manufacturing applications, etc.


A Complete Guide on MVQ Silicone Rubber Material

Apr 16, 2021 Material

Vinyl methyl silicone rubber is an elastomer, commonly known as VMQ silicone rubber or MVQ silicon rubber. It is basically a silicone rubber-based elastomer & is a popular choice of material for seals, gaskets & O-rings for applications in food & beverages, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.


Get to Know About the Top Performing Materials for Industrial Gasket Making

Jul 07, 2022 Material

Industrial gaskets are the most important components used for sealing the gap between two moving objects to make them airtight, liquid-tight or dust-tight. Owing to several benefits of these gaskets, they have become a must-have part of most industrial machinery and equipment.


How to Choose the Right Gasket Material for a Non-Metallic Gasket

Jun 12, 2019 Material

A gasket is a mechanical tool that helps seal connecting flanges and prevents leakage. It is used in various industries across applications and devices which include boilers, tanks, and piping among others.


General Properties, Features and Applications of Nitrile Rubber

Jan 02, 2019 Material

Nitrile Butadiene Rubber or NBR rubber is a popular elastomer that is produced from a copolymer of acrylonitrile and butadiene.